‘Forrest Trump’ Comedy Sketch Released & It Is HILARIOUS! (VIDEO)


In a hysterical sketch that was a part of the British comedy show, Newzoids, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is portrayed in claymation in a purposely mocking manner. The segment, titled “Forrest Trump,” shows Donald Trump portraying the main, developmentally delayed¬†character who was originally played by actor Tom Hanks.

The sketch opens up with a Donald Trump clayform sitting on a bus bench with a box of chocolates in hand, in an obvious mimicry of Forrest Gump.

Forrest Trump boldly proclaims:

‘Life is like a box of chocolates. There’s too many black and brown ones and not enough white ones.’

The narrative commentary chimes in with:

‘The story of a man everyone thought was a racist simpleton. Who showed the world they were absolutely right.’

The sketch ends with this narrative commentary:

‘Trump showed the world you can achieve just about anything provided you believe in yourself enough and inherit a billion dollars from your dad.’

The claymation GOP nominee is entertaining and spot on. The sketch also spotlights Donald Trump’s ridiculous love for “Brexit.” All in all they capture the true character that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has portrayed while running for president of the United States. The Forrest Gump¬†reference only adds to the comedy.

Claymation Trump’s hair is an angry cat, and at one point a female character sitting next to “Forrest Trump” on the bus bench asks:

‘Are you stupid or something?’

Political satire will always be alive and well, especially during an election year. Satire can be traced back through time, anywhere social categories or organized government has existed.

Popular late night sketch comedy TV show, Saturday Night Live, often pays homage to political candidates on it’s show. In fact, SNL lampoons politics so often that there is a list of the top 10 political sketches from the show to narrow down the multitude of content. Parodying political big wigs is a classic part of election season dating back to the earliest recorded elections and provides a light-hearted break from the stress-inducing year leading up to the presidential election.

You can watch the entire Newzoids “Forrest Trump” sketch in the video below:

Featured Image via Screen Capture