JUST IN: Clinton Vs Trump NBC Battleground Poll Released, Results Show LANDSLIDE (STATS)


Clinton fans rejoice. In a new poll released by NBC News, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton leads her Republican rival Donald Trump. The online poll was conducted from August 29 through September 4 and polled registered voters.

NBC reported Clinton remains steady at 48 percent with Trump at 42 percent, virtually unchanged since last week. This is great news for the Clinton campaign as they enter the final weeks of campaigning after a tumultuous election season that broke all the rules.

Clinton leads Trump by six points in new NBC poll.
Image via NBC News.

The poll also found in a four-way general election, she leads by a 4-point margin of 41 percent, Trump trails behind at 37 percent, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson at 12 percent, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein at a mere 4 percent.

Clinton leads Trump by six points in new NBC poll.
Image from NBC.

When you break down poll results by geography, Clinton still holds strong in the Northeast — leading Trump by 16 points — and stands firm with a 16-point lead in the West. However, Trump still leads her in the South by only one point. When it comes to the battleground states of Ohio and Iowa and the Midwest, the poll reveals they remain tied.

Other polls that support these findings show Clinton leads Trump 45 to 37, and she has a three point lead of 41 to 38 in Pennsylvania (Franklin & Marshall University poll). In another national poll taken by The Washington Post, it was revealed Clinton remains ahead of Trump in every New England state.

With having raised $150 million in campaign funds that will mostly be dedicated to advertising in the battleground states, Clinton stands a great chance of possibly winning the presidential election. However, Clinton must continue to show an attempt at remaining transparent to the press and voters as her double-digit lead has dwindled down. With her recent effort at answering questions from the press corp on her campaign plane, transparency with the American public will serve her campaign well.

Luckily, Trump is still behind when it comes to funds and spending. There is also the actual fact Donald Trump is Donald Trump. With Trump’s predilection for bizarre behavior, his penchant for vomiting whatever pops into his head, and his well-known ability to stir controversy with just tweets, Trump will have to actually behave and maintain the presidential image his campaign has tried desperately to create.

Featured image via Getty/Justin Sullivan.