JUST IN: ‘Dallas Morning News’ Makes UNPRECEDENTED Presidential Un-Endorsement


The Dallas Morning News has endorsed every Republican candidate since Richard M. Nixon in 1968. In an unprecedented break with tradition, the newspaper endorsed Hillary Clinton back in February. Now, they are urging readers not to vote for Donald Trump for president in November.

An unnamed staff writer’s scathing piece was published today in the editorial section of the Dallas Morning News. The writer states that Donald Trump is not a Republican, not qualified to serve as president, and that Trump “does not deserve your vote.”

‘Even before Trump’s name reached the top of the GOP presidential ticket, the party was pulled in different directions. Many Republicans held fast to the good-governing principles of the past, while a growing wing of the party yanked hard from the right to force a conscripted definition of conservatism.

‘Inexplicably, the presidential candidate who emerged from that ideological tug of war was the one who thumbed his nose at conservative orthodoxy altogether. Trump is — or has been — at odds with nearly every GOP ideal this newspaper holds dear.

‘Donald Trump is no Republican and certainly no conservative.’

The writer hits Trump on three points that he identifies as central in the Republican political ideology: individual liberty, a strong national defense, and a conservative economic viewpoint with a strong belief in the free market system.

Trump, in the writer’s opinion, is not fighting for individual liberty, noting that “Trump has displayed an authoritarian streak that should horrify limited-government advocates.” The writer cites Trump’s promises to deport people who were born in the United States and his proposed ban on Muslims entering the U.S. as examples. In a bold closing argument against Trump as a believer in individual liberty, the writer says that “His open admiration of Russia’s Vladimir Putin is alarming.”

Trump’s economic policy is also slammed in the op-ed when the writer states that “Trump’s idea of fiscal conservatism is reducing expenses by financing mountains of soul-crushing debt.”

The piece becomes especially pointed in the section in which the writer argues that Trump is no proponent of a strong national defense and would be disastrous as a commander-in-chief.

‘Trump pledges to make our military “so big, so powerful, so strong that nobody — absolutely nobody — is going to mess with us.” But what does he want to do with that military? He says he supports killing the families of Muslim terrorists and allowing interrogation methods “a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.” And if the military balks at obeying such orders?  “If I say do it, they’re gonna do it,” he says.

‘His isolationist prescriptions put sound bites over sound policy: Invite the Russians into our elections. Bomb the Middle East into dust. Withdraw from NATO.

‘It’s not easy to offer a shorthand list of such tenets, since Trump flips from one side to the other, issue after issue, sometimes within a single news cycle. Regardless, his ideas are so far from Republicanism that they have spawned a new description: Trumpism.

‘We have no interest in a Republican nominee for whom all principles are negotiable, nor in a Republican Party that is willing to trade away principle for pursuit of electoral victory. Trump doesn’t reflect Republican ideals of the past; we are certain he shouldn’t reflect the GOP of the future.’

Not even Republicans can get behind Trump at this point, and not because he’s a racist, xenophobic, sexist blowhard who is making a joke of their party. They’re running because his policies and rhetoric are outrageous and because Trump is clearly, to anyone with a functioning brain, unfit to serve as president.

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