JUST IN: Joe Biden Gives VERY Surprising Advice To Hillary LIVE On CNN (VIDEO)


As a friend to Hillary Clinton, and in an effort to help her gain trust among the voters in the upcoming election, Vice President Joe Biden has offered a simple bit of advice to her: open up.

In an interview that aired on CNN’s morning show, New Day, Biden sat with Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine and surprised everyone with some surprisingly critical advice. He talked to Jeff Zeleny about what he thinks Clinton could do to improve her rapport with the people. Zeleny asked why Biden thought people have suspicions about Clinton and what he thought she could do to change them. Biden stated that she knows there is a problem and all she wants to do right now is figure out how to fix it.

‘And she’s trying to figure out how to remedy it. My advice to her, the best way to remedy it is to talk about what you care about. Talk about it with some passion and people will see through it.’

More advice Biden had for her could be seen as common sense, and is something concerned voters have been seeking from her for a long time.

‘Just open up. Let them see your heart a little more, because she has the heart.’

It’s pretty obvious that an overwhelming majority of voters in the upcoming election view her as an unfavorable candidate. In almost every recent poll result, she and Donald Trump have both been seen as more unfavorable than favorable percentagewise. Despite the fact that she leads him nationally to become the next POTUS, there is still a lot more she can do to gain the trust of voters.

Another question Zeleny had to ask the vice president was if he thought Clinton needed to do any more explaining of the email controversy and “other things.” Vice President Biden had more interesting thoughts concerning the idea. He thinks the issue is a “moving target” but said that he knows she’s doing it by the book, so she should be fine in that area.

‘I’m absolutely confident she is doing it by the book, and I think she is going to figure out what she’s going to say crystal clear to the American people about what the relationship between the family and the foundation will be from this point forward.’

Vice President Joe Biden has faith in Clinton’s ability to win the election over Donald Trump in the fall. She could do well by taking his helpful hints into consideration and prove to her skeptics that she does have the heart for this and can most definitely be trusted.

Featured Image: Screenshot via YouTube