JUST IN: New Texas Presidential Poll Released, Results Will KNOCK Your Socks Off (STATS)


Most of the polls released so far have not been kind to Donald Trump. He is behind in nearly every national poll and most of the battleground states, and it looks like things are only going to get worse from here. A new poll released by the Washington Post shows Hillary Clinton defeating Trump in Texas.

Texas has long been a GOP stronghold, but the recent polls show that Clinton has a one-point lead in a two-way race. The poll shows Clinton earning 46 percent of the vote to Trump’s 45 percent.¬†When Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein are thrown in, the race becomes a tie with both Trump and Clinton earning 40 percent of the vote.

It isn’t just Texas that Trump is struggling with, either. The polls show that Trump is having trouble with several Southern states including Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida.

Given Trump’s lack of support in traditional GOP strongholds, it shouldn’t be too surprising to find out that he’s also struggling in key battleground states. Clinton currently has a small lead in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Nevada. Overall, the Washington Post has Clinton safely earning 244 electoral votes to Trump’s 126. The remaining 168 are “tossup” states that they don’t feel confident in calling for either candidate. However, it should be noted that those tossup states include places such as Texas and Ohio where Clinton has a small lead.

Part of Trump’s problem in states such as Texas and Nevada is his stance on immigration. His tough talk of deportations and building a wall might have done well with the far-right voters of the Republican primaries, but it’s a tough sell in states with large Latino populations. That might be why Trump has recently moved to soften his stance on the issue.

At a recent press conference, Trump said that anyone who wants full citizenship would have to return to their home country and get in line. However, he did not rule out a path to legalization for the millions who are already here. Whether or not it will be enough to help Trump turn things around remains to be seen. So far, he he has very little support among the Latino community.

As with all polls, this one should be taken with a grain of salt, but the number of polls showing a Clinton victory are becoming harder to ignore. Whether or not states such as Texas actually go blue remains to be seen, but the mere possibility is still very interesting.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons available under license.