Katrina Pierson Goes Deer In Headlights On CNN After Being FULLY Exposed (VIDEO)


On Tuesday, looking like a deer-in-the-headlights, Katrina Pierson appeared on CNN’s New Day to defend Donald Trump’s immigration plan. Never mind that most experts agree it’s unworkable and “divorced from reality.” Katrina Pierson has a job to do.

At the end, even she had to admit the plan won’t work. But of course, Katrina Pierson will never admit that she admitted that.

Host Alisyn Camerota began with footage from before and after last week’s stunner of an immigration speech in Phoenix. First, a florid Donald Trump thundered in the arena:

‘For those here illegally today who are seeking legal status, they will have one route and one route only. To return home and apply for re-entry like everybody else.’

Then, Katrina Pierson’s boss was shown on a plane telling a reporter who tried to pin him down:

‘I’m not ruling out anything. I’m looking to make that decision into the future.’

Alisyn Camerota then demanded an answer: Is Donald Trump “pivoting” (pundit-speak for “flip-flopping”) on his immigration plan or not?

‘Okay, so Katrina, for legal status he had previously said we can go ‘one route only.’ they must leave. Yesterday, he said ‘I’m not ruling anything out,’ he’s open to the amnesty. Explain that.’

But Katrina Pierson stared wide-eyed into the camera and robotically repeated the usual talking points.

‘Well again, he has said from the beginning of the campaign all the way back through the primary that he was going to be a negotiator in Congress. His governing policy has not changed. If you’re in this country legally, you should return to your home country and enter legally. He has put out a primary initiative so that voters understand. He’s going to secure the border, build the wall, and get control of the tracking and issuance of visas.’

You see, Katrina Pierson and the Trump-Pence campaign have a problem. If they don’t insist that they’ll build a wall, deport all the illegals, and ban all Muslims, they’ll lose the mean-old-white-racists’s vote. If they don’t say something that sounds saner and less racist, they’ll lose everyone else.

Alysin Camerota tried to derail this runaway train but Katrina Pierson doggedly plows on:

‘But hold on, this is important. You asked me the question, let me answer […] We are continuously hearing that there’s not 11 million [undocumented immigrants], there could be 20 million, there could be 30 million.’

Wait. What? Like so many “statistics” coming out of Donald Trump’s campaign, this factoid is completely fabricated.

This is not the first time Katrina Pierson has made a fool of herself on CNN while denying her boss’s blatant flip-flopping on his untenable immigration stance. Back in August, CNN’s Amanda Carpenter laughed in her face while host Erica Hill and co-panelist Tharon Johnson barely kept their faces straight.

But it doesn’t matter. In that last statement, Katrina Pierson was crazy like a fox. Either she or someone higher up in the campaign must have surely known that (a) Donald Trump’s supporters don’t care about facts; (b) the possibility of 30,000 more undocumented immigrants is bound to stoke fear among Donald Trump’s rabid, xenophobic base; and (c) this fake statistic is so overwhelming, it lets the Donald off the hook.

Featured image: Video screengrab from CNN’s New Day via Twitter.