Trump Supporter Electrocutes Neighborhood Liberals With Insane Booby Trap (DETAILS)


Democrats and Republicans have long been known to stand in stark opposition to one another, but as this election continues, each party becomes less and less tolerant of the other.

A Trump supporter from Bellingham, Washington — an area known to fall to the far left of the political spectrum — has had several signs stolen from his property by so-called thieves who apparently don’t want to see Trump become the next president of the United States.

Ray Gilbride is an avid Trump supporter — so much in fact, that he’s not afraid to go against the grain and show his support in an area where few others share similar political views.

According to Gilbride himself, whichever kind of sign he chooses to post in his yard is a matter of freedom of speech:

‘Earlier in the year I started putting up signs. Some like it, some don’t, but it’s freedom of speech, right?’

Gilbride went on to tell that his right to freely support Trump has been trodden on by thieves and vandals who removed the signs from his lawn without his permission.

In the span of four months, Gilbride claims he had seven Trump campaign signs stolen from his lawn. He has a security system that captured one person stealing a sign and another placing a Bernie Sanders sign on his lawn. Gilbride said,

‘If someone comes on my property and steals stuff, its theft and it’s not right.’

But the thing about Trump supporters is that they don’t exactly take things lightly. Remember, the vast majority of these folks are angry white people who see minorities, immigrants, and women gaining equal rights as “taking over” their country, and they’re mad as hell about it.

So, Gilbride decided to channel his inner Donald Trump in what can only be described as an extreme act of retaliation. He explained to,

‘That’s an electric fence unit. It’s a 1.5 joule.’

Gilbride decided to literally shock anyone who decides to grab another one of his Trump signs. By connecting an electric fence unit to the signs, anyone who attempts to remove one from his lawn will receive an electric shock. He said,

‘Just enough to surprise them.’

Now you’re probably thinking, really? Is this guy crazy? Well, we don’t disagree with you there. But honestly, what more did you expect from a Trump supporter?

According to Gilbride, though, it’s his property and that permits him to do just what he pleases.

‘It’s my property. It’s over three feet off the sidewalk it’s right here. If their parents had done their job like they should have been, I wouldn’t be taking care of it right now.’

According to police, Gilbride is in fact allowed to protect his property, providing that no one gets hurt.

And that, folks, is what our country has come to. Trump supporters are most definitely the pinnacle of maturity.

Gilbride’s neighbors are likely counting down the days until Trump loses the election, and Gilbride is forced to take down his signs, once and for all.

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