Whoopi Goldberg Brings ‘The View’ To SCREECHING Halt After Colin Kaepernick Tirade (VIDEO)


Colin Kaepernick’s intentions in first sitting, then kneeling, during the National Anthem before 49ers games was not just to show his solidarity with Black Lives Matter and to protest police violence against people of color, it was to call attention to the issue.

In that, he has certainly been successful.

In a segment on The View today, the five co-hosts debated the recent controversy around Kaepernick’s choice of protest methods.

Paula Faris supported Kaepernick’s right to protest, but said she is offended by the method Kaepernick is using.

‘The issue that I have here is that it’s just so disrespectful to our American anthem, and it’s somewhat contradictory because here he is playing an American sport, getting paid American money from American fans, and yet he can’t stand for our American anthem.’

Goldberg reminded Faris that Kaepernick is also an American and that choosing not to stand for the National Anthem is his right as an American citizen. When Faris pushed on her point that it’s disrespectful to sit for an anthem that “represents what America is,” Goldberg explained the concept behind his protest.

‘He feels it doesn’t represent all of us.’

Faris insisted that there are other ways to protest, to which Goldberg responded, “Not for him.”

Candace Cameron-Burke chimed in about the protest, saying that there is “a better way to do it,” such as the money Kaepernick is donating to the Black Lives Matter movement. Attacking the form of protest instead of the message behind it continued to be the theme. The View’s newest co-host, Sara Haines, also said that it was the disrespect of the song, particularly, that felt to her like disrespect of the military and the men and women who have died serving this country.

Whoopi Goldberg first explained to her co-hosts that the National Anthem may not quite hold the same meaning for people of color, with its direct references to slavery. Then, as only she can, Whoopi boiled the issue down to its roots, shutting down the whitesplaining from those more enraged by Kaepernick’s kneeling during a song than the lives of people of color lost in this country to police brutality.

‘Listen, people have been protesting, you know, be they athletes who won gold medals, who stood on the podium and did this [raises fist in the air], you know, there have always been. The bitch about all of this is we’re still protesting the same thing. That’s the awful part.’

See the entire segment below:

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