BREAKING: Days After Pam Bondi Ended Trump Investigation, He Threw Her $150k Fundraiser


After the investigation into Trump University was dropped by Florida state Attorney General, Pam Bondi, she began to receive donations from Trump that have raised eyebrows across the country.

The allegations of fraudulent dealings with Trump U go back several years. Former consumers who paid decent money to learn how to become successful in the same manner as Trump felt like they didn’t receive the proper training they were expecting, and they wanted their money back. Several of the consumers reported Trump University to the previous Attorney General of Florida demanding their money back, but many were denied refunds.

Several of the consumers spoke with Huffington Post about their disappointment in the University. One of the unhappy customers, Carol Minto of Connecticut, had this to say about her experience there:

‘Trump holds himself out to be this great person in real estate, and I wanted to learn how I could buy and sell properties just like him, and he didn’t even turn up. He just had a picture of himself [at the seminar].’

Minto reported the Trump U to both Florida and Connecticut AG, but only received a refund after Connecticut dealt with the issue.

When Bondi took over the office, investigations into the complaints came to a halt and soon began suspicion as to why.

Back in May 2014, Pam Bondi was seeking re-election for her seat as AG, but was having a bit of trouble when Trump decided to help her out. He arranged for a very expensive $3000 a plate fundraiser for her at his Mar-a-lago resort, with around 50 people in attendance. If the math is done correctly that adds up to be a $150,000 event held for her by Donald Trump. Even though he didn’t give her money the night of the fundraiser, the prestige and and star power that he brought to her was able to give her campaign a much-needed financial boost.

Trump denied any shady dealings with the donations and fundraiser and claims that Pam Bondi is merely another politician he supports. In all actuality, it’s the timing and amount of financial support he has given to her that has so many wondering what was really going on.

How can it not be seen as suspicious when he helped her out so graciously after she decided not to continue any further investigation into the fraudulent accusations former consumers made about Trump University?

The Trump Foundation also gave a donation of $25,000 that Bondi solicited from him that resulted in him paying a $2500 fine for due to shifty IRS filings. He and daughter Ivanka gave $500 each to her campaign as well as another $125,000 to the Republican Party of Florida. The Republican Party of Florida also happens to be Bondi’s biggest source of campaign funds.

All of these generous donations from Trump look suspiciously like he is thanking her for discontinuing the investigation into Trump University, which he may be. If this is the case, some serious probing into this entire deal needs to happen, and quickly.

Featured Image: Getty Images