BREAKING: FBI Director Makes Election Altering Hillary Clinton Email Announcement (VIDEO)


FBI Director James Comey wrote a memo to employees today after releasing documents relevant to the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton last year.

Comey took some heat from former FBI agents when he met with them as part of his routine visits with field offices in July because of the agency’s decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server as secretary of state. Comey defended that decision, as well as his decision to release documents on a Friday before a holiday weekend, in his memo to employees.

Explaining that the release of the documents before a holiday weekend was about “transparency” and that the FBI doesn’t participate in “game-playing,” Comey concluded the memo with a surprising revelation about the investigation of Hillary Clinton.

‘You may be sick of this, but let me leave you with a few words about how I have been describing the email investigation in private to our former employees as I meet them around the country. I explain to them that there are two aspects to this: (1) our judgment about the facts and prosecutive merit; and (2) how we decided to talk about that judgment. I tell them that the difficult decision was actually the second part, not the first. At the end of the day, the case itself was not a cliff-hanger; despite all the chest-beating by people no longer in government, there really wasn’t a prosecutable case. The hard part was whether to offer unprecedented transparency about our thinking.


‘I explain to our alums that I’m okay if folks have a different view of the investigation (although I struggle to see how they actually could, especially when they didn’t do the investigation), or about the wisdom of announcing it as we did (although even with hindsight I think that was the best course), but I have no patience for suggestions that we conducted ourselves as anything but what we are — honest, competent, and independent. Those suggesting that we are “political” or part of some “fix” either don’t know us, or they are full of baloney (and maybe some of both).

‘I will try not to bother you with this any longer.’

In other words, the case is closed. Hillary Clinton committed no crimes that can be prosecuted, and James Comey and his staff are sick of answering questions about it.

Too bad Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP can’t take a hint.

For more on Comey’s investigation of Hillary Clinton, see video below:

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