BREAKING: Malia Obama BUSTED For Pot Again – Republicans Are Losing Their Minds (IMAGES)


Malia Obama has struck again. The teenager has been in the news frequently as of late, and needless to say, Republican leaders are going crazy over the recent revelations. For the third time in a matter of weeks, Malia is making headlines in a major way.

The president’s eldest daughter was caught, in photograph, in an apparent fraternity house. This wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for the soon-to-be Harvard freshman, except for the giant bong in the frame. Check out the latest evidence of Malia’s marijuana experimentation below via Perez Hilton’s Twitter:

Just a couple days ago, Malia was spotted at the Made in America Music Festival in Philadelphia wearing the same t-shirt she’s wearing in the photo, that reads: “smoking kills.” Just a few days before that, a photo was leaked of her puffing on, what could only be, a joint.

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Brown University’s newspaper published an editorial about the Malia Obama scandal defending the teen’s actions. They wrote:

“Malia did not choose to grow up in the White House, and it is unfair that everything she does at just 17 years old is subject to such harsh scrutiny,” the October 2015 apology read in part. “While the chances of her selecting Brown have probably decreased since the publication of those articles, if she does ever come back to Brown, hopefully next time we will ‘have more chill.’”

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