Conservative TV Hero To Soccer Star: Be Grateful We Don’t Throw Gays Off Buildings (VIDEO)


“Why is Tomi Lahren screaming at me?” you wonder. Because she can. In June, she bashed a black actor for talking about issues black people face in his BET Awards speech. Last week she threatened NFL player Colin Kaepernick in a deranged racist rant.

And now, the right-wing ranteuse for Blaze TV has the white, lesbian soccer player Megan Rapinoe in her sights. At least Tomi Lahren’s an equal opportunity bigot.

On Sunday, the Seattle Reign midfielder knelt for the National anthem at a game in Chicago. She explained that she took a knee in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, and declared:

‘We need to have a more thoughtful, two-sided conversation about racial issues in this country.’

You want some “thoughtful, two-sided conversation?” Tomi Lahren’s got some conversation for you. On Tuesday she let fly with an unhinged tirade that manages to be both racist and homophobic.

‘For those that think I won’t criticize soccer star Megan Rapinoe because she’s white, think again.’

Tomi Lahren admits our country disrespects LGBTQ people and people of color. But looking down from the vantage point of her white, straight privilege, she doesn’t care and wishes they’d shut up already.

“Rapinoe is gay so she knows what it’s like to be disrespected by our nation, so she’s going to kneel for the National Anthem from now on to really get this conversation going. Okay, Megan, let me help you with “the conversation.”‘

How dare ingrates like Megan Rapinoe criticize police brutality and racism in America, Tomi Lahren sputters. This is America, love it or leave it.

‘You look at that flag and you hear that anthem, and it disgusts you, huh? Because the United States of America doesn’t respect your liberties as a gay person?’

Instead of demanding better treatment, Tomi Lahren argues, LGBT people should be grateful. After all, things could be worse.

‘Hey Megan, do you know what they do to women and gay people in many countries around the world? They stone them and throw them off buildings!’

The right-wing talking head then spits in disgust, “this is the Colin Kaepernick effect taking root.”

Watch: Tomi Lahren unloads on gay soccer player Megan Rapinoe with a deranged rant.

Featured image: Video screengrab/Blaze TV.