Donald Trump ‘Taco Truck’ Surrogate Turns Out To Be a Real Estate Scammer (DETAILS)


Marco Gutierrez, director of Latinos for Trump, gained national attention when he told MSNBC host Joy Reid that if Donald Trump was not elected president, there would soon be “taco trucks on every corner.”

This lead to hilarious internet memes, subtle trolling through the use of voter registration taco trucks, and taco trucks being parked at Donald Trump publicity stunts.

Unfortunately for Gutierrez, it has also led to increased scrutiny regarding his credentials. According to the The New York Daily News, Gutierrez and his wife, Jennifer, have filed for personal bankruptcy no less than a staggering 14 times. His real estate license has also been revoked in the past for suspicious client transactions.

According to bankruptcy court records, a former employee of Gutierrez, “Ms. Macias” testified against the couple in legal proceedings, saying the Gutierrezes would file bankruptcy and then delay the process to save assets that would have otherwise been forfeit.  In her Declaration, Ms. Macias stated:

‘They explained to me how they were using the bankruptcy court to prevent foreclosure on their home and to prevent other collection efforts, since they had no money. Ms. Gutierrez explained to us that the way they were preventing a foreclosure was by filing for bankruptcy and then not following up on a legal requirement and that case would be dismissed.’

It seems that Mr. Gutierrez is such a big fan of Donald Trump’s that he regularly follows the real estate mogul’s own business model of using bankruptcy as a financial tool rather than as a last resort to avoid complete ruin. The Republican nominee’s companies have filed for bankruptcy four times over the last two decades. In an interview with ABC in 2011, Trump said regarding his take on filing bankruptcy:

‘I’ve used the laws of this country to pare debt. … We’ll have the company. We’ll throw it into a chapter. We’ll negotiate with the banks. We’ll make a fantastic deal. You know, it’s like on “The Apprentice.” It’s not personal. It’s just business.’

Although Gutierrez’s 14 bankruptcies were personal, he has also had shade thrown on his professional career with at least two investigations into questionable real estate transactions.

According to the Daily News, Gutierrez’s real estate brokers license was revoked in 2012 after he made two unauthorized charges to a client’s bank account, one for a cell phone bill, another for a Comcast bill, totalling over $1,600.

In January 2011, the California Department of Real Estate issued an Order to Desist and Refrain to both Marco and Jennifer Gutierrez, based on “acts or practices” that violated the state’s professional codes, claiming that their company “The Home Retention Team” (HRT) solicited improper fees for real estate services and performed services without a valid and appropriate license.

According to Slate, Gutierrez was under investigation again just a few years later:

‘Under a settlement with state regulators, Gutierrez was allowed to get a restricted seller’s license, but he surrendered that in 2014 after being alerted that he was once again being investigated for real estate law violations.’

Donald Trump has proven to have extremely poor judgement when it comes to his associates and surrogates; from alt-right fanatic Steve Bannon, to hypocrite Kellyanne Conway, to Putin fan, Paul Manafort.

Although Marco Gutierrez has provided us with a fun new taco truck meme, he appears to be the same sort of shady character that identifies with Donald Trump along with the same kind of questionable ethics.

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