Matt Lauer Just Gave Trump A Free Pass & The Internet Is NOT Having It (REACTIONS)


Whether Matt Lauer truly dislikes Hillary Clinton or tried to hard to present an unbiased appearance amidst widespread criticism of the “liberal media,” viewers of NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum tonight were not pleased by his handling of the Hillary Clinton question-and-answer segment.

Opening the segment with a question about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state seemed a particular point of contention among viewers, especially considering that the focus of the forum was supposed to be about current issues of national security.

His constant interruptions while Hillary Clinton attempted to answer questions also didn’t go unnoticed.

If viewers expected Matt Lauer to treat Donald Trump similarly, they were in for some disappointment. Twitter users called out the lack of certain tough questions, as well as Lauer’s allowing Trump to spread obvious untruths.

Overall, viewers were displeased with Lauer’s handling of both candidates and with the forum, in general.

For the complete Commander-in-Chief Forum, see videos below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube