Trump Investigation Uncovers RAMPANT ‘Gift Giving’ For Florida AG, The Scam Is OVER!


The latest non-scandal to come out of the GOP — touted loudly and heavily by their presidential nominee, Donald Trump — are the allegations of “pay-for-play” tactics in The Clinton Foundation during Hillary Clinton’s term as secretary of state. Trump has been on a recent rant about reports that the GOP says prove that this one, instead of Benghazi or private email servers, is the real Clinton scandal.

‘A couple of very bad ones came out and it’s called pay-for-play and some of these were really, really bad — and illegal. If it’s true, it’s illegal. You’re paying and you’re getting things.’

Donald Trump should be somewhat of an expert on paying and “getting things” when it comes to politics. While he rants and raves about a foundation that has served to do amazing things for people all across the world, he conveniently forgets to mention that he has his own pay-for-play scandal in his past.

Even more disturbing, news networks have been silent on Trump’s scandal, even after a year of his campaigning for president. In fact, the story of Pam Bondi accepting donations and other benefits from the wealthy in return for dropping lawsuits was reported in 2014 by the Orlando Sentinel.

‘Gift records examined by The Associated Press found that Bondi had taken more than $51,000 worth of free trips, meals and hotel stays — much of it thanks to corporations that funneled money through the Republican Attorneys General Association.’

Donald Trump’s name was included in that 2014 story.

‘All this comes on the heels of last year’s revelation that Bondi took $25,000 in campaign money from the Donald Trump Foundation — precisely three days after Bondi’s office publicly said it was “reviewing” complaints that Trump had run a get-rich-quick scheme.

‘After Trump’s check cleared, Bondi’s office decided not to pursue that issue.’

While the media plays out Trump’s crowing about shady dealings by The Clinton Foundation, an organization that addresses hunger, AIDS in third-world countries, and ebola, Trump University was allowed to continue its scamming of hard-working Americans without recourse because Trump knew how to make donations in the right places.

Who exactly is Trump calling “crooked?”

For more on Trump’s illegal donations to Pam Bondi and why it highlights the need for Trump to release his tax returns to voters, see video below:

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