Wil Wheaton SLAMS Media Coverage Of Trump Illegal Donation Scandal (TWEETS)


Even those who aren’t big Star Trek fans know who Wil Wheaton is. The child actor from Stand By Me who also played young genius Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation may be even more famous these days for his recurring stint on The Big Bang Theory.

What many don’t know is that Wheaton is also very outspoken on politics, particularly his disgust toward GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

Wheaton published a piece on Medium.com this week slamming the media for it’s lack of coverage on the Donald Trump “pay-for-play” scandal that has gone largely ignored despite the fact that it was reported by the Orlando Sentinel and other outlets when it occurred. Donald Trump appears to have ended an investigation into his scam of an education institution, Trump University, by donating large sums of cash to Florida’s Attorney General, Pam Bondi.

The presidential campaign is more than a year old and national news media is just now getting around to reporting it, although they certainly aren’t covering it with the same intensity they did of the non-scandal of the Clinton Foundation.

Instead, Trump’s crowing about the Clinton Foundation’s alleged pay-for-play tactics, which have not yet proven to be any real scandal, has been picked apart by every news outlet. Wheaton’s outrage at the irony of this was palpable in his writing.

‘The entire national press and nearly 100% of cable news is ignoring a very real, easily proved, corruption scandal that is massively relevant to the presidential election.


‘It’s recently come to light that these donations (bribes) were paid out of the Trump Foundation. Whether that was through deliberate intent or incompetence is immaterial, because this is an actual, real, meaningful scandal with two — two! — smoking guns. This is exactly the sort of thing that the New York Times, CNN, and all the biggest names in journalism are looking for as they relentlessly go after the Clinton Foundation, as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton.

There is nothing to be uncovered there, because there is no “there” there. … but there is almost complete and utter silence about Trump’s two successful efforts to buy off politicians — and not just politicians, but the Attorneys General of two different states!’

The actor even included a photo of the front page of the New York Times, noting that nothing about the illegal donations Trump gave to Bondi are mentioned.

Wheaton explains that he doesn’t believe that the media, or the New York Times specifically, is biased toward Trump. He says that he believes the lack of any real competition between the two candidates is driving the lack of coverage.

‘I don’t think this is because the media is in the tank for either candidate, but is because there is a narrative: Trump’s a buffoon and dog bites man, while Clintons are just so damn suspicious and there’s a cloud over everything they do and whether it’s actually questionable or not, it sure has the appearance of being unethical.

‘This isn’t really a horserace election, because even though we have a flawed candidate in Hillary Clinton, we have an absolute psychopath in Donald Trump […] That’s a problem for cable news, because cable news needs a horserace. It’s the only way cable news knows how to fill all the time in the 24 hour cycle, and keep its advertisers happy.’

For Wil Wheaton’s full statement, which is well worth a full read, click here. Wheaton certainly gets his point across, and that point is that the silence surrounding coverage of the damning evidence against Trump, in a scandal that should absolutely disqualify him in the race, is deafening.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube