BREAKING: Department Of Justice Moves To Investigate Trump/Bondi Bribery Allegations


The allegations against Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi, and Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, have been taken to the next level. A formal complaint has been filed with the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division. This complaint will trigger an investigation over the rumors that Trump bribed Bondi with cash to get her to stop pursuing a case against Trump University.

The complaint was filed by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, and calls for the Department of Justice to begin an investigation into the allegations that have recently been all over the media.

Bipartisan Report published a story yesterday stating that Bondi’s investigation into the Trump University scam was stopped short, and soon after, Bondi received donations of $150,000, mostly via a fundraiser that Trump threw for her.

According to swindled consumers who believed they were attending Trump U to receive the ultimate education that would make them successful real estate moguls like Trump. Instead, they say they got a picture of Trump. Consumers told Huffington Post:

“Trump holds himself out to be this great person in real estate, and I wanted to learn how I could buy and sell properties just like him, and he didn’t even turn up. He just had a picture of himself [at the seminar].”

Huffington Post reported that there were multiple fundraisers and donations that Bondi alone benefitted from, and even though Trump assures the public that Bondi is just a person he backs politically, his actions towards her are more than gracious:

“In addition to the $25,000 donation from his foundation and the star-studded Mar-a-Lago event, Trump and his daughter Ivanka each gave $500 to Bondi’s campaign in the fall of 2013. The following spring, Ivanka and her father donated another $125,000 to the Republican Party of Florida ― Bondi’s single biggest source of campaign funds.”

You may be wondering how exactly these two thought they could get away with this without anyone catching wind of the payoff. The arrogance with which these transactions took place is astounding, and could mean serious trouble for Bondi, even more than Trump, who seems to be able to buy his way out of every ditch he digs for himself.

Featured Image Via Getty Images.