JUST IN: Donald Trump Jr Literally Goes Insane In Front Of America (DETAILS)


On Thursday, Donald Trump Jr. shared an Infowars piece about Hillary Clinton, claiming that she was wearing a “secret earpiece” during the Commander-in-Chief Forum presented by NBC on Wednesday night.

To back up their bizarre conspiracy theory, the hard-core alt-right website presented a zoomed-in image of Hillary Clinton’s ear, taken during the presentation. According to the website, the image shows:

‘The latest question swirling around the Internet after pictures appeared to show Hillary with some kind of flesh-colored device embedded inside her ear.’

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According to alt-right website Infowars, Hillary Clinton sported an earpiece for “coaching” during NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum.

Along with Donald Trump Jr., actor James Woods, a known conservative advocate, also tweeted the image on Thursday, questioning her use of a possible earpiece and using the hashtag #CrookedHillary

Woods then stated via Twitter:

‘She can’t even lie without help from a gaggle of other liars through an earpiece.’

In fact, Woods seems to be the source of the controversy, and soundly slammed the Democratic nominee via Twitter, also saying:

‘She literally can’t help herself. She’s the kind of sociopath who will lie even if the truth were more beneficial.’

Reported in the right-wing blog Infowars, the tin-foil-hat-wearing Hollywood has-been, linked to an article at True Pundit that claims:

‘NYPD sources involved with the NBC forum’s security detail confirm Clinton was wearing an “inductive earpiece.”‘

Another right-wing nut-job decided to tweet a comparison with a similar photo of President Barack Obama, during his debate with Mitt Romney during the 2012 election.

Aside from the fact that Johns Hopkins Medicine states that 60 percent of Americans suffer hearing loss by age 70, many public figures appearing on television use wearable audio equipment for a number of reasons, including body mics and earbuds.

Two senior Clinton campaign aides told Fox News that the report is absolutely false, and that Clinton was certainly not wearing an earpiece so she could be coached during her question and answer session with NBC’s Matt Lauer. Nick Merrill, Clinton’s spokesman, said that it was caused by reflection of the studio lights.

But Donald Trump Jr. Seems to be following in the footsteps of his father, spreading rumors and cultivating conspiracy theories that play to the little-man syndrome and existential paranoia of his father’s base.

But the Twitterverse wasn’t going to let Donald Trump Jr. simply slide on through without comment in the least. One user posted a picture of Junior’s father, sporting his own earpiece.

Another decided to take the joke to surreal heights: “Wanted to call your attention to the Boeing 737 in HRC’s ear.”

Another pointed out that it is likely a hearing aid, though the Clinton campaign has not made that argument

Another provided an alternate view from True Pundit’s own video showing that there was not earpiece.

And yet another Twitter denizen hit the mark completely and simply:

If Hillary Clinton hadn’t handed Donald Trump his own ass in Wednesday’s Commander-in-Chief Forum, despite overt bias on the part of NBC and Matt Lauer, there would be no need to find excuses for her extraordinary performance.

What is surprising is that douche-bro, Donald Trump Jr. seems so emotionally invested in his father’s bid for the White House. Apparently, it will involve a huge pay cut for the amateur politician, and it’s not inheritable, so there’s a mystery that deserves investigation.

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