JUST IN: Florida, N.C, & Pennsylvania Battleground Polls Released, Results Are INSANE


The release of a new poll in key battleground states by Quinnipiaq University shows that presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are running a tight race in four states.

The results of the survey show that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump in North Carolina with 47 percent of the vote to his 43 percent and in Pennsylvania with 48 percent to 43 percent. In Florida, both Clinton and Trump are tied at 47 percent, and Trump has a slight lead over Clinton in Ohio with 46 percent to 45 percent.


The poll has found that the huge racial and gender gaps still have a big impact on voting in most of these swing states. North Carolina is the only exception due to a major racial gap, but shows barely any gap in gender. Quinninpiac University Poll assistant director Peter A. Brown stated this about the Florida race in the poll release:

‘To understand the racial divide in the electorate, consider the sharp contrast between white men and non-white voters in Florida. Trump is getting just 25 percent from minority voters, while Clinton gets just 26 percent of white men.’

White voters in Florida back Trump 59 to 36 percent and non-white voters back Clinton 67 to 35 percent. Florida women support Clinton over Trump 56 to 36 percent, with men supporting Trump 58 to 36 percent.

In North Carolina the voter’s gender poll results are very slim, with men slightly choosing Hillary Clinton over Trump 46 to 44 percent. Similarly, woman back Clinton 49 to 42 percent. The party voting is as follows: white voters go the Republican candidate 60 to 30 percent and non-white voters lean toward the Democratic candidate, voting 81 to 10 percent.

Republican voters in North Carolina back Trump 91 to 6 percent with Independents also leaning toward Trump 44 to 41 percent. Democrats vote for Clinton 90 to 7 percent.

Peter A. Brown offered an interesting take on Ohio’s voting turnout:

‘Libertarian Gary Johnson could decide the presidential election in the Buckeye State. He is getting 14 percent from Ohio voters and how that cohort eventually votes could be critical in this swing state – and in the nation.’

Hillary Clinton’s lead over Trump in Pennsylvania has dwindled somewhat over the past few months. Assistant director of Quinnipiac University Tim Malloy said “You have only to look at the female demographic, as Clinton’s bedrock support among women wobbled in the span of a few weeks. Pennsylvania, so crucial and looking like the most solid swing state for Hillary Clinton is back in play.”

The survey was conducted between August 29 through September 7 with 761 likely voters from Florida, 751 from North Carolina, 775 from Ohio and 778 from Pennsylvania. The margin of error in Florida and North Carolina was plus or minus 3.6 percent, and plus or minus 3.5 percent in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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