Veterans Watch Video Of Trump Insulting The Military, Responses Will Break Your Heart (VIDEO)


Hillary Clinton’s new campaign ad, entitled “Sacrifice,” attacks GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump on his verbal assaults against every aspect of the United States military.

The ad features veterans watching Donald Trump’s worst and most offensive statements on the military. The ad begins with Trump’s insistence that he knows “more about ISIS than the generals do.” It then moves to Trump’s insult of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) when Trump said that McCain was not a war hero because Trump only likes “people who weren’t captured.” The ad closes with Trump’s insistence that he has made sacrifices for his country comparable to a soldier who gave his life to save his troops because Trump built businesses that employed a lot of people.

Throughout the ad, military veterans look on while Donald Trump insults them.

It is a powerful reminder, timed perfectly after Donald Trump’s outrageously insulting performance at NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum, where Trump told Matt Lauer:

‘The generals under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have not been successful [….] They have been reduced to a point where it’s embarrassing for our country.’

It’s also a powerful reminder of all the difficult questions which should have been asked of Trump that were passed over by Matt Lauer and NBC in favor of discussing Hillary Clinton’s emails and whether Trump feels he’ll be “prepared on day one.” In a Commander-in-Chief town hall, Trump was not asked about his military deferments, his reckless attack on a Gold Star family, or his attacks on John McCain, a war hero, Purple Heart recipient, and surviving prisoner of war.

The ad is clearly aimed toward more moderate-to-Republican voters who fit within demographics who are more likely to vote for Donald Trump but have recently begun shifting toward the Democratic presidential nominee. Of all the military veterans shown in the ad, there are only white men. The only woman shown is the mother of a fallen soldier and the only family is clearly a heterosexual, cisgendered one. Clinton isn’t pushing any progressive agendas with this ad. She isn’t working to appeal to minority voters here, even if the DNC platform has been called “the most progressive platform ever.” She’s reaching out to the undecided mainstream.

Despite it’s shortcomings, the ad is a powerful one. Even those of us on the extreme left have to be shaken by the idea of Donald Trump at the head of our nation’s military.

See the full ad below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube