BREAKING: Donald Trump Being Pushed Off 2016 Ballot In Key State (DETAILS)


Donald Trump is having a bit of a problem in Minnesota. Democrats are pushing to have his name removed from the ballot. The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party says the Republican Party did not correctly choose alternative electors.

According to state law, the party is supposed to submit a list of 10 electors and 10 alternative electors to the Minnesota Secretary of State. The Republicans were supposed to pick their electors at the state convention in May. The petition submitted to the Minnesota Supreme Court argues that this never happened. The documents allege that the state’s secretary of state, Steve Simon, notified the GOP of the error in early August, and had them submit the alternatives. The alternatives were chosen by the party’s executive committee rather then at a formal convention.

The petition submitted by Minnesota Democrats allege that simply isn’t enough.

‘This language is clear and unequivocal: Alternatives ‘shall’ be nominated — not unilaterally by party leaders — but by ‘delegate conventions.’ After the convention, the chair of each major political party must then certify the names of the persons nominated as presidential electors and alternates at the convention, as well as the names of the party candidates for president and vice president to the Secretary of State at least 71 days before the general election.

The Executive COMMITTEE is OBVIOUSLY not a party convention.’

The documents argue that, since the GOP did not properly select its alternative electors, that Simon had no legal authority to approve the Trump/Pence ticket. Democrats argue that the GOP nominee should not be allowed to appear on the state’s ballot this November.

Ken Martin, who serves as the chairman of the DFL, argues that the Simon’s actions were a “clear violation of state law.”

‘After being notified that they had failed to provide the names of alternative electors by the Secretary of State’s office, Republicans decided to appoint alternate electors in a closed-door meeting rather than electing them. This is violation of state law.’

It wasn’t just Democrats who saw a problem with this selection process. Michael Brodkorb, a former GOP operative and reporter for the Star Tribune, pointed it out in a series of tweets last August.

The papers were just recently submitted to the Supreme Court so there’s no telling how this will affect the upcoming election. As of right now, Trump’s name is still on the ballot, but he could be removed if the Supreme Court agrees with the DFL’s arugument.

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