Joy Behar of ‘The View’ Slams Trump For Praising Russia More Than America (VIDEO)

Joy Behar of The View criticized Trump for his admiration for Vladimir Putin.


The ladies of The View took Trump to task on Thursday, particularly host Joy Behar, for some of the controversial and even unpatriotic things that the Republican nominee said during the Commander-in-Chief forum hosted by NBC on Wednesday night.

During the question and answer session with host Matt Lauer, Donald Trump praised Russian President Vladimir Putin for his leadership, saying:

‘If he says great things about me, I’m going to say great things about him. I’ve already said he is very much of a leader. I mean, you can say, “Oh, isn’t that a terrible thing.” The man has very strong control over a country. It’s a different system and I don’t happen to like the system, but certainly in that system, he’s been a leader far more than our president has been a leader. We have a divided country.’

Joy Behar, in particular, was having none of it, of course.

‘He forgets we have checks and balances in this country. We have a constitution. The Russians don’t have such a thing.’

Candace Cameron Bure tried to defend both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, saying that even though the Russian people might not like everything that Putin is doing, they do feel safe. Bure said:

‘Putin stands up for that country. Nobody messes with Russia. Nobody wants to, and the people feel good.’

Bure then went on to say that she has family in Russia that feel that Putin has their best interests in mind, and she believes that Trump admires Putin for defending his country.

Whoopi Goldberg suggested that we speak with the Russian Jews and find out how safe they feel under Putin. Although Vladimir Putin has made a public invitation to European Jews to settle in Russia, many Russian Jews are already fleeing Russia for Israel in fear of increasingly strict punishments for criticizing the government, with nearly 5,000 Russians relocating to Israel, double the numbers of those in the previous 16 years.

On The View, however, Behar really digs in, mocking Trump and getting big laughs from the audience:

‘He [Trump] mentions that Putin has 92 percent approval rating, or 82 percent approval rating, like that means something in Russia.

‘The polls in Russia! Is he talking about Polish people? Or is he talking about polls? Because the dictatorship that is Putin is controlling the polls, ok?’

Jedediah Bila pointed out the lack of representation that people have in Russia, particularly gay people, and sobered the tone of the conversation after reminding the panel of the scores of human rights violations under which the Russian people suffer are oppressed.

Behar then stomped Trump for his lack of patriotism:

‘It’s so unpatriotic, is what it is. And for him to say such things, in front of our military, is a disgrace.’

Donald Trump just doesn’t understand the U.S. military and the Cold War culture that has shaped it even now in the 21st century. To stand up in front of a room of U.S. military veterans and call the president of Russia a better leader than their own Commander-in-Chief is one of Trump’s biggest campaign gaffes to date.

It’s clear that Joy Behar is no fan of Donald Trump’s, saying that Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric being used as an ISIS recruitment tool was treasonous.

A video of the discussion was made available on The View Twitter page.

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