JUST IN: Barbara Bush Verbally DISSECTS Any Woman Who Votes For Donald Trump (VIDEO)


Barbara Bush is a woman used to disappointment. From her less than popular husband, to her down-right loathed son, who was arguably the worst president in American history. Then there’s her youngest son, Jeb, the man who could never quite manage to step out of the shadows of his father and brother.

The patient matriarch does not usually speak out from behind her husband and sons, but there is something about the 2016 presidential election that brought Mrs. Bush out of political shadows and into the media’s spotlight.

The former First Lady was recently on “CBS This Morning” when she was asked her opinion on Republican nominee, Donald Trump. Mrs. Bush didn’t mince words in her response:

“He’s like a comedian, or like a showman or something[…] I don’t know how women can vote for someone who said what he said about Megyn Kelly. It’s terrible. And we knew what he meant, too.”

Coming from a Bush, this is an act of war. Surely, Trump will take to Twitter momentarily to  begin bashing the 91-year old’s physical appearance, and talk about the idiocy that surrounds her in George H.W., George W., and little Jebby.

This public outburst will certainly prove Mrs. Bush right; something we already know to be true. It was quite obvious what Trump was talking about when he said that Megyn Kelly went after him because she had:

“Blood coming out of her wherever.”

Mrs. Bush didn’t take kindly to this crass and misogynistic statement referring to a woman’s menstrual cycle, and playing on the stereotype of female mental instability one week out of every month.

What Trump doesn’t understand, is that he is far more mentally unstable than any woman in the throes of her natural menstrual cycle, and that at least having his period would be a valid excuse for frequent verbal diarrhea. This is an excuse Donald Trump can never use, however. So why, Donald? If it’s not your period, what the hell is wrong with you?

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