Matt Lauer & NBC Gets ROASTED By Late Night For Their BLATANT Hillary Hit Job (VIDEO)


The press has been giving Matt Lauer hell for his performance at the NBC Commander-In-Chief forum and treatment of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The Daily Show is no exception, with Trevor Noah ripping Lauer not only for how he treated Clinton but how he basically gave Donald Trump a free pass and let him get away with “blatant lies.”

In what could be considered the worse criticism of Lauer, Noah ripped him apart, exclaiming, “I don’t know what the fuck he was doing — and neither did he!” He took special offense at the fact that most of Clinton’s time on stage was dedicated to the email scandal instead of important issues such as foreign policy. Claiming Lauer spent one-third of the time on the email scandal, he said it felt like he was “stuck in line at the [Apple Store’s] Genius Bar.”

Granted, he did fairly spread the criticism and noted Clinton should give more press conferences if she wanted the email scandal to die down, saying, “It is important to question Hillary about her emails. Maybe if she did more than one press conference every nine months, this topic would have died down a long time ago.”

However, he noted that once they did reach the issues on the military, Lauer specifically told Clinton to answer as “briefly as you can.”


‘Now, because Matt Lauer has spent so much time on his questions about emails, the actual questions, from the actual veterans, about the actual commander-in-chiefing, gets reduced to a speed date.’

He then let his frustration spill out at Lauer’s inability to ask Trump any useful pushback questions. Noah exclaimed:

‘I would love to date Matt Lauer. Getting busted would be impossible. It’d be like, “Who’s Thirsty Lisa?” “Uh, my mom?” [And he’d say], “All right. Let’s move on and talk about dinner.”‘

He also noted Trump’s answer was equivalent to a toddler being questioned by an adult (it was).

He ended his segment by sarcastically saying it’s a shame that Lauer did not do a better job, because he really was a great journalist and showed a segment where Lauer asked the band One Direction some “hard questions.”

You can watch Noah’s segment below.


Featured image via Getty/Paul Zimmerman.