Miami Herald Calls For Bribery Investigation Between Trump And Bondi (DETAILS)


The scandal involving Pam Bondi and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump isn’t just going to go away. Major Florida news outlets think it’s time that there was a federal investigation into the matter.

The Tampa Bay Times joined the Miami Herald in calling for an investigation:

‘The denials by Bondi and Trump of anything amiss also are at odds with their previous actions. the attorney general has not been shy about joining lawsuits with other states, and the New York lawsuit involves Floridians who allege they were cheated by Trump University. Trump had not contributed to Bondi’s election campaigns before sending the $25,000, and he was clear during a Republican primary debate about what he expects in return for campaign contributions.’

This 30 second clip put out by American Bridge is dedicated to the relationship between Pam Bondi and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, in which Donald Trump explains what pay-for-play means to him.

The Sun-Sentinel is in line with the other two Florida papers. They quoted Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell, who said:

‘Imagine you were robbed and the prosecutor gave the suspect a pass after taking $25,000 from him. There would be universal outrage – and rightfully so.’

Miami Herald reporter Michael Auslen writes that Pam Bondi is hoping that this scandal will pass:

‘She’s evaded questions about her relationship with the Republican nominee for president, refusing interviews and ignoring text messages. A one-time Fox News regular, she has kept her public appearances to a minimum as questions about “pay-for-play” mount.’

In case anyone has forgotten, this is the same Pam Bondi that was nailed by Anderson Cooper in regards to her anti-gay stance in the aftermath of the Pulse Orlando, Florida nightclub shootings. She sputtered at Cooper called her out on in an interview outside the hospital that was holding those victims that had been wounded.

If there is nothing shady going on, there is no reason why anyone should object to a federal investigation and with a collection of news outlets calling for it, the story is snowballing. The question is, will this affect Trump’s already sinking campaign?

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