‘Pam Bondi Is The Only Person In The World Who Made Money From Trump University’


We recently reported┬áthe scandal involving Pam Bondi’s decision to drop an investigation intoTrump University. It did seem rather odd that the Bondi received a $25,000 donation right before she dropped the case.

Trump insists that there was nothing wrong with the donation, but Stephen Colbert wasn’t buying it. In a brilliant segment on Late Night with Stephen Colbert, he played the video of Trump openly bragging about using his wealth to influence politicians. Trump has actually used that as a selling point saying he is the only one who can take on a corrupt system because he was once part of it. We suppose there could be some merit to that argument, but it does make whole situation in Florida look a bit suspicious.

Aside from simply looking suspicious, the Trump Foundation’s gift was actually illegal. Due to its non-profit status, the Trump Foundation is actually barred from making political donations. Trump insists that it was a simple clerical error and that he has paid the IRS’s penalty.

Of course, Colbert isn’t the type to pass judgement on someone he doesn’t know so he did some research into Bondi’s past and found an article detailing the time she stole a flood victim’s dog. The dog was lost during the Katrina flooding and Bondi adopted it. However, when the dog’s original owners asked for the dog back, Bondi refused. This led to a 16 month fight over the dog. Bondi eventually gave the dog back; though, as Colbert points out, there’s no telling how big a donation that required.

Of course the real tragedy of the dog story was the fact that Bondi renamed the dog from the totally awesome “Master Tank” to the less awesome “Noah.”

‘Seriously, what sounds better? “Time for dinner, noah” or “the meat feast is arrayed before you, Master tank. Take what is yours?”‘

Regardless of how this election goes, we can at least be grateful that it gave Colbert plenty of material to work with including his amazing convention coverage with Jon Stewart. You can check out the full segment on the Trump/Bondi scandal below:

Featured image via screenshot from video.