Donald Trump Caught Funneling $100k From Foundation To Pay Off Lawsuit (DETAILS)


Yahoo! News reported yet another shady donation by the Trump Foundation that was uncovered after a review of the foundation’s tax returns.

‘Donald Trump’s charitable foundation gave $100,000 in 2014 to a conservative activist group that was used to help finance a federal lawsuit against New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman — the same public official who was suing the real estate mogul for fraud over the operations of Trump University.’

After Donald Trump’s donations to the campaign of Pam Bondi, the State Attorney General of Florida, who subsequently dropped an investigation into Trump University right after the donation, came to light, Donald Trump’s crowing about “pay for play” scandals involving the Clinton Foundation seemed to have a few less teeth.

Now, it seems Trump was simply using his charity foundation to make political donations to keep himself out of trouble for illegal scams such as Trump University.

‘The size and timing of the donation to the Citizens United Foundation, an arm of the sprawling conservative network run by David Bossie, who is now Trump’s deputy campaign manager, could raise fresh questions about whether Trump has used his tax-exempt charity to further political and personal causes.


‘A review of tax returns filed by the Trump Foundation shows that the 2014 donation to Bossie’s Citizens United Foundation was by far the largest it gave to any organization that year, substantially exceeding its contributions to more traditional charities, such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (which got $50,000), the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute ($25,000) and the Police Athletic League ($25,000).

‘It was also the first time the Citizens United Foundation had ever received funding from Trump’s charity.’

Donald Trump’s “charity” foundation has been used as nothing more than a front for funding politicians who serve Trump’s, and other Republican’s, political ideology.

Citizens United is, in essence, a group that produces documentaries such as “Occupy Unmasked,” which “exposed” the true aims of the grassroots movement to end the influence of big money in politics. Their newest film features Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty that details why Christianity should be our national religion and why that one religion should be allowed, constitutionally, to inform politics and the government.

One of their major efforts in 2014, the effort most American citizens know them for best, is filing a lawsuit against Eric Schneiderman, New York’s Democratic attorney general, who fought to pass laws requiring that the names of those donating to political groups to be made public. Arguing that corporations being allowed to privately fund political campaigns is undermining to democracy, Schneidermann was, in effect, fighting the good fight of the Occupy movement and, later, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

A victory for Schneidermann, however, would have hurt folks like the Koch brothers, whose political donations supported the massive tax cuts passed by Republicans required to keep the wealthy just as wealthy as they’ve always been. It could have also, potentially, hurt Donald Trump, a wealthy business owner known underpay employees and pay as little in taxes as humanly possible through tax breaks that kept him wealthy.

Schneidermann was also threatening the Trump wealth by looking into a cash cow meant to scam American citizens out of their hard-earned money: Trump University. It seems that anyone with the power to stop Trump from scamming people either took a bribe or saw their opponents funded heavily by Donald Trump through his “charity” organization.

Featured image via Getty/Justin Sullivan