Donald Trump Posts The Most Insensitive 9/11 Tweet Humanly Possible (IMAGE)


There have been a lot of things posted on Twitter by Donald Trump that are just plain laughable. Some of the things he posts have also been a bit deplorable, but that is somewhat to be expected of him. There is one tweet Trump posted before he decided to run for president that his campaign doesn’t want the world to remember.

About three years ago, Trump decided — like almost every other American citizen — that it would be great for him to tweet out his well wishes in remembrance of the survivors and victims of 9/11. To be unlike any other tweets, and in true Trump fashion, he had to add a couple special mentions so no one felt left out.

Screenshot 2016-09-11 at 4.54.04 PM

Yes, he had to add that even the “haters and losers” were included in his extend of well wishes on 9/11.

He even wanted to make sure that everyone got the message, so he had to retweet:

It takes a real class act to turn what should be a heartfelt message into an insult. It takes an even classier act to make the message about himself. Trump tweeted a lot about the haters and losers that he has, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that he thought it would be okay to mention them in a tweet about 9/11.

The original tweet was deleted, but strangely the retweet is still up on his account. A couple of years ago, Trump’s campaign spokesperson Hope Hicks told The Business Insider it was because it was an older tweet. There was no other explanation for it other than the fact that it was from “several years ago.”

The entire campaign has offered no type of real explanation as to why the post was removed, but that’s probably because it’s not even that big of a deal to them that it was even said. It most certainly isn’t the most offensive thing he has ever said or will ever say.

He has, however, lightened up on his 9/11 tweets in years since:

Maybe the original insensitive tweet was deleted with the hopes that it would be erased from our minds and we could move on. Better yet, maybe his more recent tweets were posted in an effort for Donald Trump to appear more presidential to the voters. Either way it goes, he hasn’t changed and become more presidential over the years and no matter how hard his campaign tries, people aren’t going to forget how insensitive he really is.

Featured Image: Getty Images