Katrina Pierson Insults Every Single American On 9/11, Blames Clinton For The Attack (VIDEO)


Katrina Pierson has, undoubtedly, been one of the most entertaining figures in the 2016 presidential election season. Watching Donald Trump’s spokesperson spin crazy arguments out of her inability to remember historical facts and figures has given most of us some great laughs.

Pierson never seems to disappoint on that front. On CNN during their annual day-long 9/11 coverage, Pierson responded to a statement by Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, who criticized Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims traveling into the United States and asserted that those types of statements offend those of Islamic faith who work with the United States to end terrorism from the religious extremists all over the world.

Trump responded by calling Clinton’s comments “dumb.”

Pierson agreed with Trump (of course) and said:

‘Well, I’ll have to agree with Mr. Trump to say it is the dumbest statement I’ve heard, particularly when we look at what’s happened in the world. It was then Bill Clinton who admitted back in 1996 he knew Bin Laden wanted to commit crimes against America and did absolutely nothing. More importantly, we had open borders, a lax visa system. We were nice. Our tone was welcoming. And guess what? 9/11 happened. And I don’t recall Donald Trump being on the campaign trail.’

No, Donald Trump wasn’t on the campaign trail in 2001. Bill Clinton wasn’t in the White House when New York City was attacked in 2001, either.

George W. Bush was.

Pierson also once famously blamed President Obama for the death of Captain Humayun Khan, the son of a Muslim couple who spoke against Donald Trump and his xenophobia at the Democratic National Convention in July. Khan was killed in Iraq while trying to save his troops on June 8, 2004. At that time, President Obama was not president. He wasn’t even in the United States Senate yet, he was still a state senator from Illinois.

A basic understanding of very recent history should be a requirement for a presidential campaign spokesperson, but Katrina Pierson proves that intelligence, any understanding of politics, and an ability to actually speak publicly are not required for the job.

For the laughable moment from CNN’s segment with Katrina Pierson, see video below:


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