President Obama Uses 9/11 Remarks To Roast Donald Trump Into Oblivion (VIDEO)


President Obama wasted no time in warning Americans of the dangers of a Trump presidency while speaking on Sunday in honor of the 15th Anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.

On a day such as Sept. 11, the dangers hit even closer to home for the Americans who have been personally affected by the disaster 15 years ago. In truth, very few can say that they were not in some way affected by the attack.

Trump would like to see the very same “divisiveness,” as President Obama put it, take root in the United States as that which went along with that horrible day 15 years ago.

The United States of America, as Obama noted, has long relied on diversity as its “greatest strength.” Such diversity and resilience continues to underline the only effective American response to 9/11.

This response, of course, has nothing to do with the punitive wars that were started early last decade in supposed response to the attacks.

Rather, the only response which has ever done the United States, or any other people, any good is the resolve to keep building, to keep growing, rejecting the terror attempted to be forced onto the nation by those who carried out the attacks 15 years ago and by their ideological descendants.

That is the very definition of terrorism- atrocities committed not only for the sake of the crime itself but also designed to strike fear into those who hear of the attack and find themselves in similar circumstances to the victims.

Thus, embracing diversity and continuing on as a diverse nation stands in direct opposition to the terrorists who would have the nation cower in fear and take such drastic measures as kicking out entire people groups.

Indeed, as Obama noted, Trump won’t have any of that. Trump effectively sides with doing exactly what the terrorists want the United States as a nation to do.

Trump’s main set of “policy positions” consists of setting in stone nationwide discrimination against entire people groups, from his US/ Mexico border wall to his proposed “total and complete ban” on Muslims entering the United States.

The Washington Post reports:

‘[Obama] urged Americans to view the anniversary of the attacks as an opportunity to “reaffirm our character as a nation” and, in what could be interpreted as a veiled reference to Trump’s immigration proposals, “not to let others divide us.”’

Watch President Obama speak below, via The Washington Post.

Featured Image via Leigh Vogel/ Getty Images.