Response To Hillary Clinton’s ‘Health Scare,’ Why Both Sides Are Getting It WRONG (OP-ED)


So far, there are two camps in the non-scandal that formed when Hillary Clinton left a 9/11 memorial event because she didn’t feel well.

That’s exactly what happened, by the way. Nothing more and nothing less. She left because she did not feel well. It’s okay for Democrats to just say she didn’t feel well, and it’s not okay for Republicans to turn it in to a national crisis complete with dire and fatal medical diagnoses.

In one camp is the political news media and the Republican hopefuls who really want this to be the moment that all their doomsday warnings about Hillary Clinton’s health were proven true.

The Daily News published the story with the headline “Hillary Clinton struggles to stand while abruptly leaving 9/11 memorial; camp says she felt ‘overheated,'” while Breitbart went with the even darker “Video: Hillary Clinton Leaves 9/11 Memorial Ceremony Early, Dragged into Van.”

One could argue that neither the Daily News nor Breitbart are particularly heavy-hitting, credible news sources, but mainstream media has covered the story endlessly, as well. The Washington Post wrote the story with the headline “Hillary Clinton’s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign,” and CNN has featured the story since it happened.

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Meanwhile, there are those in the Clinton camp who have responded to the non-scandal by saying Clinton got “overheated,” who blamed her earlier coughing fits on “allergies,” and have generally come up with all sorts of ways to try to respond to allegations that, surely, Hillary Clinton must be dying of a horrible illness.

What the response should have been, what it still should be, is “so what?”

So what if Hillary Clinton doesn’t feel well this week? Why is coughing or getting tired one day indicative of some dire disease? Why is the American public so obsessed with electing a president who is super human and has never been sick? Why does a presidential candidate, as Donald Trump’s fake medical report from his dubious medical doctor states, have to be “the healthiest person ever elected to the presidency?”

We aren’t electing a robot; we’re casting our votes to elect a human being. Human beings get sick sometimes. Show me a 68-year-old woman or a 70-year-old man, as Clinton and Trump are, who’s never had the flu or a cold or just got tired.

The more the Clinton campaign attempts to excuse these two incidents away, the more it appears they’re trying to hide something. Just say it: “she didn’t feel well.” It shouldn’t be the end of the world or Hillary Clinton’s campaign if she’s sick this week. Stop catering to the ageism being used by Clinton’s detractors and all their medical diagnoses of doom.

John F. Kennedy ran the country while suffering from Addison’s disease, digestive health problems, and a bad back, yet he did great things for our country. Franklin Delano Roosevelt led the United States out of it’s worst economic crisis, The Great Depression, with polio. Ronald Reagan sat as president for years and passed bills and performed a job that Republicans still revere today with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Hillary Clinton coughed, and she got tired.

It’s still about policies, people.

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