BREAKING: Former DNC Chairman Calls For IMMEDIATE Plan To Replace Hillary Clinton


Will Hillary Clinton be replaced as the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee? In an absolute shock to the political world, the answer is maybe.

So many are shocked because of the fact that Clinton has long kept secret her health condition, having waited to announce to the public her diagnosis of pneumonia until the situation got so severe that the presidential candidate had to be helped into a van after collapsing at a Sunday morning memorial service for the victims of 9/11.

And now, with further details about Clinton’s health still in the dark, and considering the grave situation that often if not always accompanies pneumonia in someone of Clinton’s age, the Democratic National Committee must officially consider replacing Clinton as nominee.

The function for such a replacement is set in the DNC’s bylaws, and consists essentially of a special meeting of the 447 members of the DNC which results in a new national ticket requiring the in person approval of a majority of the full Committee.

Such a context, however, does not mean that any sort of clear or swift choice would necessarily come out of such a meeting, a meeting that would likely, according to Politico, take two to three weeks to convene.

With the election just under two months away, such a time frame, coupled with the bureaucratic wrangling certain to accompany such a meeting, would likely spell disaster for the Democratic Party.

With this in mind, a former chairperson of the DNC is calling on current members to expedite the process, beginning with establishing ahead of any emergency meeting who exactly would be the candidate to replace Clinton.

As Don Fowler, who led the DNC during part of the Bill Clinton administration, notes, “[S]ome of the Sanders people would want to get into play and some of the Biden people. I think you’re likely to have at least discussions and perhaps controversy.”

Fowler went on, saying:

‘There should be a concerted, unified effort on behalf of the president and the Democratic leaders in the House and the Senate and from the officials of the DNC as well – I think unanimity would be absolutely critical. The quicker that unanimity develops, the easier and better the process.’

So will any of this preparation for which Fowler is calling actually become needed? The Clinton campaign would have the public think not, but replacing Clinton remains a distinct possibility.

If Clinton is physically unfit for the presidential office, or even physically unfit to continue her campaign, both of which remain as possibilities, then she will require a replacement.

Fowler is far from an amateur in the process of replacing members of the Democratic Party’s presidential ticket, having served in the meeting that saw Thomas Eagleton replaced as George McGovern’s vice presidential nominee, which according to Politico is the “only time either major party has ever replaced one of its two national nominees.”

Late Monday afternoon, Clinton tweeted addressing her illness, saying that she is “feeling fine and getting better” and will “see you on the trail soon.”

Clinton cancelled a series of fundraising stops in California that she was supposed to be at Monday and Tuesday.

Featured Image via Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images.