BREAKING: Possible Replacement For Hillary Clinton Leaked From DNC Delegate (TWEETS)


Who will replace Hillary Clinton if she is no longer the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee?

Some holdout supporters of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign hope for a Sanders comeback, taking to social media with the hashtag “#BringBernieBack.”

Emmy award winning journalist and former anchor for Al Jazeera and MSNBC, David Shuster has an announcement undercutting Sanders supporters’ dreams, saying that sitting Vice President Joe Biden would actually be the likely replacement.

Shuster cites as a source an anonymous delegate to the Democratic National Committee.

The question must now be considered of replacing Hillary Clinton as Democratic presidential nominee because of a Sunday morning “medical episode” which saw the candidate collapse and have to be helped into a waiting van, thus leaving early from the memorial ceremony for the victims of 9/11 which she was attending.

Hours after the incident with Clinton was captured on film, the Clinton campaign released a statement featuring Clinton’s physician Dr. Lisa Bardack announcing that the presidential contender was diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday.

With the pneumonia diagnosis announcement, Clinton’s health thus became a “real issue” in the race for the presidency, as multiple major news outlets phrased the situation.

And this “real issue” is forcing the Democratic Party to prepare for the slim, but real possibility that Clinton exits the running for president of the United States.

The Democratic National Committee can not, however,¬†force Clinton to give up the Party’s presidential nomination.

As David Shuster quoted an unnamed leading Democrat as saying, “We can make contingencies, argue, [and] plead with Hillary Clinton, but DNC bylaws are clear that her nominee status [is] now totally up to her.”

For the record, Biden was considered a potential candidate for president in the early days of the Democratic presidential primary season, and showed great potential, although he never officially kicked off a candidacy.

Biden is certainly viewed highly favorably by a large enough portion of the population to give him a huge head start towards beating Donald Trump for the presidency, in the slim but very real chance that Biden was placed in such a position.

Check out the Huffington Post chart of Biden’s favorability rating over time below, one which has the Vice President currently sitting at a net rating of about 15 percent.

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