Bruce Springsteen Yells ‘F*CK TRUMP!’ During Concert & The Stadium EXPLODED With Joy (VIDEO)


On Sunday night, Bruce Springsteen read out a fan’s comments that were written on the front of a pocket Constitution the singer was handed ahead of his September 11 Pittsburgh show.

Springsteen was more than happy to read aloud the fan’s remarks, proudly announcing to the assembled crowd, “F*ck Trump!”

That fan must be very proud of himself right now.

As Billboard writes:

‘Stepping up to the microphone at Consol Energy Center, Springsteen said: “Someone gave me a copy of the Constitution of the United States. It does say ‘F— Trump’ on the front of it. And this was his request,” he said.’

The famed musician then proceeded with the fan’s song request, performing an acoustic version of “Long Walk Home,” a track originally released in 2007.

Sunday night’s show isn’t the first to see the musician taking shots at the Republican presidential candidate whose claim to fame is his racism.

Back in June, soon after Donald Trump was declared the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, a group of fans appeared in a Munich, Germany, Springsteen show’s mosh pit sporting a huge sign reading, “F*ck Trump. We wanna dance with the boss.”

The rocker didn’t let the opportunity to lay into the presidential contender slip by. Springsteen called for the sign to be passed up to him on stage, proceeding to proudly hold it up for the camera shot projecting into the concert venue’s large screens.

And these two instances are of course far from the only times that musicians have made their feelings about Trump abundantly clear.

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder, for example, has taken to addressing political issues like Donald Trump’s virulent racism as an almost regular feature of his shows. Kicking off the band’s recent North American tour saw Vedder sporting a Donald Trump mask and dancing mockingly while wearing it, and the body of the tour produced such headlines as “Eddie Vedder Rips ‘Miserable F*ck’ Donald Trump.”

Springsteen himself also recently made another notable anti-bigotry statement in cancelling a North Carolina show after the state passed highly controversial anti-LGBT legislation.

Watch below the video of the part of the show where Springsteen wastes no time jumping on the opportunity to blast Trump.

The video, featuring Springsteen reading off “F*ck Trump” almost immediately, was shot by Marianne Sughrue via the livestreaming app Periscope.

Featured Image via David A. Beloff/ Getty Images.