JUST IN: Hillary Clinton Goes Instantly Viral With New Tweet About Her Health (IMAGE)


Hillary Clinton scared a lot of people on Sunday. After the Democratic nominee fainted at the 9/11 memorial service and had to recover at her daughter’s home, Clinton’s doctors made a shocking announcement. Clinton had been going about her busy schedule with a case of pneumonia, for which she was being medicated with antibiotics.

On Monday, Clinton addressed the public for the first time since her incident. Fortunately, her tweet was encouraging.

She even tweeted a follow-up where she expressed eagerness to jump back on the campaign trail.

Hillary’s health has been a much-hyped conservative talking point in the last month.
Until now, extreme theories on #HillarysHealth were mostly relegated to fringe websites and social media groups.

When celebrity doctor Dr. Drew Pinski hopped on board in mid-August, the movement gained a new veneer of legitimacy.

But liberal allies continued to dismiss allegations about Clinton’s health.

It would be a stretch to say that a case of pneumonia is grounds to substantiate the worst suspicions of the Clinton “secret illness” truthers. But it does lend credibility to questions about her health for the future. Nonetheless, top advisers and friends of Clinton seem fairly dismissive of the importance of Sunday’s events. Longtime adviser James Carville told Politico:

‘The doctors have all said she’s healthy… [But] it’s going to be something that people aren’t going to be able to stop talking about, so we’ll see.’

Another longtime Clinton team member, fundraiser Alan Patricof, was shocked when he was questioned by press about Hillary’s health.

‘I saw her the other week at the Paul McCartney event… I never saw her look better or happier. She was having a hell of a good time. She was at her peak, dancing. The last time I saw her dancing was a long time ago.’

Though she endures fall seasonal allergies, Clinton has seemed full of energy at her events. Although one source close to her told press that the focus on fundraising for August was meant to create a brief rest period before the big campaign push in fall, there has been no outward evidence that Clinton’s health has approached any sort of a danger zone for the candidate.

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