JUST IN: Poll Asked Americans If They Think Trump Is A Bigot, Results Are Incredible (STATS)


Hillary Clinton has taken some flak for her comments about Donald Trump’s supporters, those voters who don’t mind a bigot who says what they’re secretly thinking, when she said that “half” of them are a “basket of deplorables,” including racists, xenophobes, sexists, “you name it.”

In fact, Trump even steered clear of commenting on Clinton’s recent poor health, an attack he’s relied heavily on in recent weeks, in order to focus his criticisms on that comment. His campaign managers, apparently, have decided to make it a focus of the campaign.

‘I think it’s the single biggest mistake of the political season.’

In a phone interview on Monday morning with Fox News, Trump likened Hillary Clinton’s statement to Mitt Romney’s claim during the 2012 presidential campaign that there were “47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what” due to their dependence on welfare and government “entitlements” and that it was not his job “to worry about those people.”

The secretly-recorded video of Romney’s statement is often credited with ending his hopes to win the presidency. Hillary Clinton’s statements, made in front of the press and a national television audience, will not.

That’s because most Americans know that Mitt Romney’s statements were patently untrue and had an undercurrent of racism. Many Republican voters also receive government entitlements and the large percentage of African-Americans who voted for President Obama didn’t do so because they were on welfare.

However, the American public largely agrees with Hillary Clinton’s statements, and a new poll from The Washington Post proves it. A full 60 percent of those polled agreed that Donald Trump’s campaign “is biased against women and minorities” and 48%, nearly half of the more than one thousand people polled, believes that “strongly.”

The poll also shows that this opinion varies according to demographics. A key demographic in the upcoming election, one that both candidates have worked to court, are the college-educated, and especially women with college degrees. 57% of college-educated adults believe that Donald Trump appeals to racism and sexism compared with only 41% who disagreed.

More specifically, college-educated women believed it even more overwhelmingly than when they are lumped in with their male counterparts at 61-39.

As The Washington Post writer, James Downie, so accurately stated:

‘At this point, the only group of voters that doesn’t think Trump is biased is white men without a college degree.’

For full results of the poll, click here.

For a compilation video of all the reasons the poll results are what they are, see below:

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