JUST IN: U.S. Military Forces Polled On Their 2016 Choice, Results Were NOT Expected! (STATS)


A new poll shows that Libertarian Gary Johnson is currently the favorite among service personnel and their family members.  The online poll included active-duty and former members of the military as well as their families.

The results show that Johnson earned 37 percent of the vote. Among the major party candidates, the polls Donald Trump led Hillary Clinton by six points. Trump earned 30 percent of the vote compared to Clinton’s 24 percent.

There were also several write-ins including Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and retired general James Mattis.

The online poll released by Survey Monkey had 1,399 respondents and a margin of error of 3 percent. The poll was conducted between September 7th and September 10th. Johnson’s mistake regarding Aleppo took place on September 8th, but it’s unknown how many respondents answered the poll on the 7th.

During an interview with MSNBC, Johnson was asked about Aleppo, which is a Syrian city that is a major center of the refuge crisis. Johnson replied with ” and what is Aleppo?”

Johnson is far from the first libertarian to be popular among the military. In 2012, Ron Paul received more than four times the donations from active military members than the next three Republican candidates combined. In 2012, Paul’s support was based on his anti-war stance, which Johnson seems to have inherited.

Libertarianism has been a growing ideology within the military for several years now. In the late 2000s, nearly half of active-duty military personnel identified as Republicans.  A 2014 poll conducted by Military Times showed that number down to 32 percent. The same poll showed that seven percent of the military identified as libertarians. By contrast only eight percent of the military identified as liberals.

In terms of the military, the Libertarian Party candidate has pledged to cut defense spending by 43 percent and return to 2003 levels. He has also pledged to reduce the United States’ nuclear arsenal.

Johnson did not appear at the NBC Commander-In-Chief forum, but the organization responsible for the event, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, has promised to hold a separate event for Johnson.

It should be noted that this poll was an online poll and those are traditionally less accurate than polls conducted via phone, but the findings are consistent with the growing trend of libertarianism within the military.

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