LinkedIn Cofounder Makes HEROIC $5M Challenge To Donald Trump (DETAILS)


Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of the professional networking site LinkedIn, has just jumped on board a campaign to attempt to get Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

From shady financial connections to corrupt methods of tax filing on Trump’s part, whatever lies in the businessman-turned-presidential candidate’s tax returns remains a mystery.

Trump has dodged personal financial questions for months, while voters have been left wondering if the man running for the highest office in the United States has something actually worth hiding in an attempt to make some legitimacy out of Trump’s candidacy.

In other words, perhaps Trump is hiding something sickeningly corrupt, or possibly even criminal. The problem is that nobody knows, as long as Trump doesn’t release his tax returns — which the presidential candidate shows no sign of doing anytime soon — having literally discussed using the release of his tax returns as a bargaining chip should he run for president since 2011.

And now Hoffman is the latest person to effectively jump on the case.

What the tech guru, who is also a partner at venture capital firm Greylock Partners, has announced is that he will match 5 times, up to a total of 5 million dollars, all money raised by Marine Corps veteran Pete Kiernan, who, according to Bloomberg, “said he would donate any of the money raised to nonprofits that assist veterans if Trump releases his returns by Oct. 19, the date of the final debate.”

Kiernan has set a target of raising 25 thousand dollars to pledge to veterans’ organizations, including Team Rubicon, the Special Ops Warrior Foundation, and the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

Hoffman quoted Kiernan in a Medium post, the veteran writing on his page asking for donations, saying:

‘All military recruits make required disclosures before we are declared fit to serve. As a man who claims to be a big supporter of veterans like me, I’m hoping this message will encourage Mr. Trump to meet our standard and show us what kind of leader he would be by finally making his tax returns public.’

Indeed, Trump has made a big show of being especially loyal to veterans’ causes for months, having kicked such “support” off  by raising upwards of five million dollars supposedly for veterans groups while boycotting a Fox News debate early in the primary season.

That money had to be pried from Trump’s hands, with questions of corruption in his handling of the money the entire time.

Trump has also long made a big show that he will “soon” release his tax returns, but that “soon” has never come.

Thus, Kiernan’s campaign, now with Hoffman’s backing, hits at Trump in two of the most controversial components of the presidential candidate’s behavior that don’t have to do with racism.

Less than a week before Hoffman’s announcement, Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and his wife Cari Tuna made a similar one, pledging 20 million dollars towards an array of Democratic campaign organizations, saying that “this cycle is different” and thus required them to act in an effort to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.

Featured Image via Brian Blanco/ Getty Images.