MSNBC Torches The GOP’s Response To ‘Hillary Health’ With One AWESOME Question (VIDEO)


The Republican National Committee’s communications director, Sean Spicer, appeared on MSNBC for an interview with Thomas Roberts. In the middle of a question about Trump’s fraudulent donations to political campaigns and causes introduced to him, Spicer paused to cough.

Not missing a beat, Roberts got in a dig at the RNC staff member:

‘Is that pneumonia?’

Spicer answered that it was just a cough, but the dig stuck. Republicans have been beside themselves since Hillary Clinton, a 68-year-old presidential candidate, got sick on Sunday, Sept. 11, and left a memorial service early. In a new low for right-wing media, Hillary Clinton has been described as “collapsing,” “fainting,” being “dragged” into a van, and cavalierly infecting the thousands of people she meets every day with her “contagious” disease. Breitbart diagnosed her as suffering the results of a severe brain injury caused by a fall in 2012.

It’s a new low for the GOP, as well. Rudy Guiliani insisted that Clinton is deathly ill, and his proof was YouTube videos.

‘All you have to do is go online.’

Fox News paid Dr. Drew Pinsky to say on television that Clinton’s health is “a grave concern” and criticized the treatments for Clinton’s various illnesses, a patient he’s never seen. Donald Trump first attacked Clinton’s health, then got strangely quiet about it after she announced that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia. He even tried to give the good, PC response by saying he hopes “she gets better,” but had to slip in a mysterious “something’s going on” for good measure.

The right seems to love to diagnose Hillary Clinton as being on the verge of death, which they’ve translated into further reason to distrust her for covering up a variety of fatal illnesses. Various news outlets called her out for hiding and covering her illness, insisting that it adds to the air of secrecy around the Clinton campaign. They act as if a presidential candidate never kept a private medical issue completely unrelated to their ability to serve the country to themselves.

Never mind telling anyone in the GOP that, though. They’re not big on accepting facts when a good Clinton scandal might be found.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube