Ted Cruz Goes On Racist Twitter Rampage Against NFL Protesters (IMAGE)


Texas Senator Ted Cruz is steaming mad. So what has unleashed his wrath this time? Did Barack Obama come to take his guns? Or was it some garden-variety un-Godly and un-American thing like Hillary Clinton or Satan?

Nope. TMZ reports the losing GOP White House hopeful is now urging us to boycott the NFL…Or at least the merchandise associated with some of its football players (we’re sure you can guess which ones).

‘Senator Ted Cruz is furious with Colin Kaepernick and other “rich spoiled athletes” protesting the National Anthem … and is now calling for Americans to boycott them. ‘

That’s right. Of all the challenges that face our nation, Ted Cruz is most concerned about black athletes daring to protest racism and police brutality. He’s had it with them.

On Sunday retired NBA star and ESPN commentator Jalen Rose praised the NFL Anthem protesters.

It all started when the San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem before a game. Sports Illustrated reports players from the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks, and New England Patriots joined him this weekend. Some knelt as Kaepernick did, while others linked arms or raised their fists in a salute.


This, of course, disgusts Ted Cruz, who tweeted out his displeasure.

For him and his fellow conservatives, apparently, the “blessings of liberty” do not include freedom of speech.

Since Colin Kaepernick took his stand by sitting down, sales for his football jersey and other gear have gone through the roof. In an Instagram post, he thanked his fans and vowed to donate “all the proceeds I receive from my jersey sales back into the communities!”

Now, a fuming Ted Cruz demands a boycott against NFL players who’ve got a problem with police murdering people of color in the street.

Some agree with Ted Cruz, while others defend the NFL players’ First Amendment rights.


The NFL protests hark back to the 1968 Olympics. Back then runners Tommie Smith and John Carlos accepted their gold and bronze medals with a Black Power salute, and many Americans didn’t like that either. They just want their athletes to shut up and play.

Alas, in Bizarro Cruz World, standing with Kaepernick to protest injustice is downright un-American. But Devin McCourty insists that despite this, he’s an actual patriot as well as a New England Patriot…And he’s got the socks to prove it.

‘I wore socks with the American flag. I believe in this country. I love this country. My father was in the Army. My older brother was in the Army. Those men and women go out there and put their life on the line. I respect that. That’s the reason why I didn’t do anything during the national anthem because I respect it. You talk to people about how much respect they have for the flag. That’s why they believe. That’s why they go fight. Nothing but respect for that.’

Oh…And unlike Ted Cruz’s father Rafael, McCourty’s father actually served in the military. So who’s a freedom-loving patriot now Ted?

Featured image: Joe Raedle via Getty Images.