BREAKING: Donald Trump Announces Wildly Unexpected Proposal, GOP FREAKS OUT!


Reports say that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will unveil a startling childcare plan at a Tuesday night speech in Aston, Pennsylvania.

The rally hosting the speech will not be open to the public, with The Hill noting that the event thus “won’t have the raucous feel of a typical Trump rally,” with the Trump campaign desperately trying to pull off a “more serious tone” than that projected by Trump rallies of the recent past.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka will help her father to introduce the plan, having involved herself with issues of childcare and parenting in the United States since her address at July’s Republican National Convention on the subject.

The presidential candidate hopes to see the favor that Ivanka’s RNC speech carried with female voters pivot into a wider base of support for the Trump campaign among the same female voters.

Donald Trump has long struggled to gain traction with female voters, which is hardly surprising considering the sexist tone of his campaign, having effectively kicked off with saying that Fox News host Megyn Kelly looked like she had “blood coming out of her wherever.”

Trump’s plan is “startling” because it entails “breaking with GOP orthodoxy” to guarantee six weeks of paid maternity leave for new mothers should Trump become president.

ABC News spells out the provisions of Trump’s plan that have been already released:

  • allowing working parents to deduct child care expenses from their income taxes
  • creating new Dependent Care Savings accounts, thus guaranteeing six weeks of paid maternity leave
  • lower-income families with no tax liability would receive rebates through the existing Earned Income Tax Credit
  • tax-deductible child care will be capped at the average cost of care for the state of residence and will only be available to individuals earning less than $250,000 (or $500,000 for those parents who file their tax returns jointly)

In addition to the above, Trump’s plan “also allows stay-at-home parents to receive a tax deduction.”

And on top of all of that, “a Trump campaign aide said that businesses will receive tax incentives to provide on-site child care.”

Republicans, of course, are notorious for their opposition to such provisions as maternity leave, proud to put their notion of the economy above people’s personal needs.

Why, then, is their presidential nominee “breaking with tradition” and instituting such a plan? Is the GOP taking steps to actually promote health above the economy?


The answer is personal gain. Trump is trying on every last strategy in an attempt to position himself in an actual legitimate path to the presidency, empowered by the recent slimming of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s lead in both national polls and in electoral college models.

He hopes that the plan unveiled by him and his daughter on Tuesday will sway female voters to his side, thus cutting into Clinton’s lead even further. Voters, though, will likely, although not certainly, continue to see through Trump’s behavior in large enough numbers to keep him out of the White House.

As for Clinton’s childcare plan response, The Hill reports:

‘Earlier this year, Clinton sketched out a child care plan of her own that would cap those expenses at 10 percent of household income, boost salaries of those working in child care, and ease the burden on student parents.’

Trump unveiled a less comprehensive child care plan just a few weeks ago, with POLITICO noting at that time that poor Americans “won’t see any benefit from Trump’s new proposal.” The prospects for what Trump will discuss Tuesday night thus certainly do not seem good.

Featured Image via Brian Blanco/Getty Images.