JUST IN: Florida, Arizona, Nevada, & Colorado Polls Released, Results Are HISTORIC!


Hillary Clinton has been holding a hefty lead over Trump among Hispanic voters throughout the entire presidential race. In four key battleground states, she holds a significant lead over Trump, but because there are still lingering trust issues voters have with her, that lead isn’t as big as it could be.

According to a new poll, Hillary holds a substantial lead over Donald Trump in Florida, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado. However, she doesn’t have as much support from Hispanic voters as she could, and this could mean problems for her.

Hillary Clinton leads Trump in three of the four states, with a margin of three to one in two of the states and two to one in the other. According to the poll, if the election were held today, she would win the Hispanic vote by large numbers in the battleground states: 68 to 18 percent in Arizona, 62 to 17 percent in Colorado, 65 to 19 percent in Nevada, and 53 to 29 percent in Florida.

Although those margins may seem very wide, her numbers don’t fare as well as President Obama’s did in those four states back in 2012. This may be because she hasn’t campaigned as much for the Hispanic vote as Obama did.

Another factor that may be detrimental to Clinton in her race is that a significant number of Hispanic voters still do not have a very favorable view of her, and they believe she is a liar. A large percentage of voters surveyed believe she isn’t truthful as opposed to those who think she is. In Florida, 46 to 41 percent of voters polled believe she is a liar rather than not. In Colorado the numbers are 42 to 47 percent, Nevada polled 49 to 41 percent, and Arizona numbers were tied at 43 percent.

Although a lot of the voters don’t see her as being very truthful, she still does better among Hispanic voters than Trump does. Almost eight out of every 10 voters polled has an unfavorable view of Trump. Even though he sought to do damage control after running nearly his entire campaign speaking negatively against them, his efforts didn’t sway Hispanics’ views of him by much.

In the Hispanic voters’ opinions as to who would do the better job as president, Clinton has an overwhelming lead over the other candidates. As far as the rest of the country goes, she still needs to work on her transparency if she wants the same results Obama had in the last two elections.

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