JUST IN: Leading North Carolina Newspaper Makes VERY Unexpected 2016 Endorsement (DETAILS)


Libertarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, has picked up his second daily newspaper endorsement. The Winston-Salem Journal, a Republican-leaning newspaper owned by Berkshire Hathaway, ran an editorial on Sunday announcing their decision. The North Carolina newspaper’s endorsement notes:

‘For months, we here at the Journal editorial board wrestled with this endorsement. For most of that time, we looked at Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump. But as the weekly revelations ripped away any hopes we held for finding the better angels of their nature, confirming our belief that neither is fit to be president of our still-great land of Lincoln, we began to look harder at Johnson. We refused to let the powerful party behind either Clinton or Trump push us into a bad choice simply because the parties could do no better’

The timing is coincidental, given the scandal of Hillary’s nearly passing out Sunday afternoon, while attending New York City’s memorial ceremony for the victims who were lost in the 9/11 terror attacks. She had to be escorted out during the ceremony. Reports show that she was diagnosed Friday with pneumonia; yet another situation Clinton and her campaign made worse with a lack of transparency.

And of course, everyone knows that Donald Trump shows no good qualities of leadership whatsoever. From his racist rallies, to his very short temperament; characteristics that we can all agree a candidate running for president of the United States, or any leader for that matter, should not have.

The paper reported that, despite the fact that they do not support his views on legalizing marijuana, Johnson has a background of being a small government advocate, socially progressive, and fiscally conservative, which matches the board’s emphasis.

When meeting with him, the newspaper described Johnson as being:

‘Knowledgeable but unscripted, reasonable and good-humored, self-assured but free from arrogance, willing and able to address every question, consistent in his beliefs without being dogmatic, even tempered, curious — and in all respects, optimistically, realistically presidential,’

Their decision followed an announcement made by the Richmond Times Dispatch at the beginning of this month. The paper decided it would endorse Johnson, even though they have only backed Republican nominees in the last nine presidential elections.

The Virginia newspaper pretty much had the same views as North Carolina over the Republican and Democratic candidates, and reported in their endorsement:

‘The Times-Dispatch editorial board began to explore the possibility of endorsing Johnson and his running mate, former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld, several weeks ago, as scandal continued to engulf the Democratic nominee while the Republican candidate’s statements and behavior daily piled distress upon puzzlement.’

With it still being fairly early in the election season, there has only been seven daily newspaper endorsements thus far: five for Hillary and two for Johnson. Trump does not have any yet, which is not surprising at all.

The Journal said it made their endorsement early, because they wanted to put pressure on the Commission of Presidential Debates so that Johnson will be included in the presidential debates that start on the 26th of September.