#ThanksObama Is Taking Over Twitter, Here Are The Very Best Tweets (IMAGES)


“Thanks Obama!” has long been an internet meme mocking those who blame the president for things that he has little or no power over. At a Clinton rally on Tuesday, the president himself got in on the joke and now #ThanksObama is trending on Twitter. With that in mind, here are some of the best #ThanksObama tweets we could find.

Many Twitter users took it as an opportunity to express their gratitude and support of President Obama’s policy initiatives.



On the topic of those last two tweets, we did find plenty of vile racist comments on Twitter so let’s take a look at what some of Trump’s supporters really think.

This one has us kind of confused. It was President Obama that made this guy distrustful of government? Really? It wasn’t George Bush lying his way into a war. It was a president with no major scandals or controversies aside from insane conspiracy theories? We don’t get it.


This person has clearly never read the “Communist Manifesto” because if he had then he would have realized that President Obama’s policies are nothing like what Karl Marx advocated. Then again, the Communist Manifesto has big words in so it was probably too challenging for this poster.

Enough with the depressing ignorance of the alt-right. Let’s end this story on a postie note with President Obama’s very own “Thanks, Obama” moment.

Featured image via screenshot.