‘The Daily Show’ Takes On ‘Hillary’s Health’ & The Segment EXPLODED Across The Internet (VIDEO)


On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah went on a tear about the secrecy around Hillary Clinton’s diagnosis of pneumonia.

He first discussed Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment, calling it a “grandma slam,” but also laid out exactly why she’s so on point with that description. He did criticize her choice of words, however. Instead of “basket of deplorables,” Noah explained that the correct term is “duffel of dipsh*ts.”

Noah then explained that after Clinton’s much-aligned generalization of Trump supporters on Friday, her weekend only grew worse when she had to leave a 9/11 memorial event on Sunday. The exit caused an all-new conspiracy theory, with Trump supporters and Clinton detractors, in general, insisting that “death is imminent,” according to Noah.

‘Like, the grim reaper is wearing a Hillary shirt.’

Noah shared clips of the numerous news outlets that somehow turned Clinton’s pneumonia into a “traumatic brain injury,” “Parkinson’s disease,” and “a mini-stroke.” Even CNN speculated on the real state of Hillary Clinton’s health and came up with all sorts of doomsday scenarios for the “symptoms” they diagnosed by watching a presidential candidate on television and reading posts from right-wing nutjobs on Facebook.

Yes, one caller to a political news show on C-Span, who insisted that Clinton has been given “one year to live,” said that he got his information “off of Facebook.” Seriously.

Noah turned somewhat more serious when describing Hillary Clinton’s episode of “fainting” at the 9/11 memorial service, from which she recovered a short time later, and said that “you can’t just come out and make it like it’s normal, Hillary. Fainting? We want to know what happened.”

‘If you think America is going to accept “overheated” as an answer, then you don’t know how divided this country is.’

It is the secrecy, not the illness itself, that is causing the controversy. At a time when news pundits can’t even agree on whether or not it was hot in New York City that day, an explanation like “overheated” will simply not fly. A more rational and valid explanation was necessary.

‘So it was hot outside or it wasn’t hot; Hillary was overheated or she was exhausted. No one really knows for sure, and that’s the problem.’

See the full segment below:

Trevor Noah Tears Into Clinton for Lack of Health Transparency: Just ’Tell Us the Truth’

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