BOMBSHELL LEAK: Colin Powell Email Exposes Clinton’s HATRED For President Obama


In yet another massive email hack, Colin Powell was revealed to have discussed with the president and co-founder of Leeds Equity Partners and a major donor to the Democratic party, Jeffrey Leeds, that Hillary Clinton absolutely “hates” President Obama.

Lee Fang, investigative journalist for The Intercept, tweeted screenshots of the emails leaked on DCLeaks on Tuesday.

Powell does not correct him or deny his insistence that Clinton openly detests the president and has since he defeated her in the 2008 presidential election.

2016-09-14 14_44_49-Lee Fang on Twitter_ _Colin Powell & mega Dem donor Jeffrey Leeds chat about how
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The two also discussed how the president would not be upset by any legal troubles Clinton might suffer as a result of her email server investigation.

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Image screenshot via Twitter

The revelation is quite surprising to anyone who has never read the 2009 expose on the presidential election of 2008. Seven years ago, Hailemann and Halperin’s tell-all book, Game Change, described how the Clintons felt about Obama’s victory. In one chapter, the writers describe Hillary Clinton’s “bitter and befuddled reaction” to President Obama’s victory during the primaries in Iowa, which was over-the-top enough that one of her “senior-most lieutenants” said he began to think for the first time that “this woman shouldn’t be president.”

Back in 2007, the Clintons and President Obama famously sparred over their rival primary campaigns in fairly tough language, with the former president insisting that Obama was “unqualified” and “inexperienced.” Bill Clinton went on some fairly famous attacks of his wife’s political opponent.

‘[Obama’s record on Iraq is] the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen! The idea that one of these campaigns is positive and the other is negative, when I know the reverse is true and I have seen it and I have been blistered by it for months, is a little tough to take.’

Still, the emails are surprising considering that the relationship between President Obama and the current Democratic presidential candidate seem to be largely repaired since then. Obama has recently stumped for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and sang her praises during the Democratic National Convention.

For more on Colin Powell’s leaked emails and his private discussions on Hillary Clinton, see video below:

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