BREAKING: Clinton Vs Trump Post ‘Hillary Health Scare’ Released, BIG 3 Day Surge Shown (STATS)


A new CNN/ORC poll shows that Donald Trump is leading Hilary Clinton in Ohio and the two candidates are nearly tied in Florida. Both polls had a margin of error of 3 percent.

According to the poll, Trump is currently earning 46 percent of the vote in Ohio. Clinton stands at 41 percent. Libertarian Gary Johnson is currently earning eight percent of the vote with Green Party candidate Jill Stein earning 2 percent. In Florida, Trump’s lead among likely voters is a bit smaller. He is currently leading Clinton 47 percent to 44 percent. Johnson is currently sitting at 6 percent and Stein at 1 percent.

The numbers listed above are only for likely voters and they change a bit when the survey includes all registered voters. Among all voters, Clinton actually has a one percent lead in Florida, earning 45 percent of the vote to Trump’s 44 percent. In Ohio, Trump leads Clinton 43 percent to 39 percent. Johnson is currently sitting at 12 percent.

In terms of demographics, Trump still maintains a strong lead among white voters. In Ohio he leads Clinton by 22 points and 29 points in Florida. However, Clinton still has a commanding lead among non-white voters in both states. Among non-white voters, she leads by 70 points in Ohio and 43 in Florida.

In what’s shaping up to be a trend, neither candidate is well liked in either state, but things are looking a bit worse for the Democratic nominee. Among likely voters in Ohio, only 38 percent have a favorable view of Clinton compared to the 41 percent who have a favorable view of Trump. Things look a bit better for her in Florida, where she is tied with Trump at 45 percent. Regardless, neither of these candidates are particularly well-liked.

Fair or not, decades of life in the public eye have taken a toll on Clinton’s trustworthiness. Registered voters in both states say they trust Trump more than his opponent. In Florida, 47 percent say that Trump is honest and trustworthy compared to the 40 percent that say the same for Clinton. His lead is even more pronounced in Ohio, with 48 percent of voters saying Trump is honest and trustworthy. Only 36 percent said the same about Clinton.

When looking at individual issues, things get a bit murky. Clinton has a commanding lead in the categories of foreign affairs and whether or not she is qualified to be Commander-In-Chief. Trump’s strongest points come in the areas of the economy and terrorism. He leads the former Secretary of State in those categories in both states.

The issue of immigration is a bit more divided. In Ohio, 51 percent of voters say they prefer Trump’s policies to those of Clinton. The former Secretary of State does better in Florida, with her immigration policies earning the support of 47 percent of registered voters. Forty-five percent said they preferred Trump’s stance on immigration.

There is also some divide in the area of shared values. Among registered voters in Ohio, 44 percent said that Trump shared their values, compared to 41 percent for Clinton. The Democratic nominee does a bit better in Florida, with 47 percent of voters saying she shares their values. Only 41 percent felt that Trump shared their values.

These polls were conducted via telephone and ran from September 7th to the 12th. In Florida, results included 1,003 registered voters; 788 of those voters said they were likely to vote. The survey in Ohio considerate of 1,006 adults and 769 said they were likely to vote in this election.

Clinton has been leading in the polls for a couple of months now, but, as this poll shows, Trump is starting to catch up and there’s nearly two months until the election.

Feature image via Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.