BREAKING: Trump Medical Information Leaked To Media, It Is LITERALLY Insane (IMAGES)


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has released a bit of personal medical information this week, after months and months of hassling over what he would release and when he would release it.

The context, before even getting to the content, of Trump’s “release of personal medical information” is telling as to the quality of the release and of the Trump campaign itself.

Did Donald Trump release, perhaps, an abridged medical record, featuring the input of at least several physicians, and available in full for the public’s review?

Nope, the presidential candidate did absolutely nothing of the sort. Instead, Trump appeared on a television show- Dr. Oz’s program- and discussed with the doctor a one-page letter that Trump had on him which discussed the results of a recent physical.

This letter was written by Dr. Harold Bornstein, the same doctor who wrote up the now infamous note declaring that Trump would be the “healthiest person ever elected to the presidency” should he win.


The content of the discussion between Donald Trump and Dr. Oz was about as ridiculously childish as you would expect for the two right wing television stars, a pairing that the New York Times sarcastically called “a match made on TV.”

Although the show has not yet been aired, only taped, some details of what went down have already leaked.

One such detail is what Trump told the host about his exercise routine, citing “moving his hands around while he is speaking is a workout,” according to a tweet from NBC News’s Peter Alexander that quoted an audience member.

Yes, really. And the man who employs this logic, wielded in response to a discussion about the revelation that Trump is clinically obese, is running for president. People are actually planning on voting for him.

In another point of the discussion about Trump’s obesity, the presidential candidate said that he likes fast food because “at least you know what they’re putting in it,” according to a tweet from Jesse Rodriguez of MSNBC.

Donald Trump, according to information shared with Dr. Oz, has a BMI of 30, thus qualifying him for the descriptor “clinical obesity,” which represents the BMI range of 30 and above.

The “release” of information comes days after Hillary Clinton’s health became what some took to calling a “real issue” in the presidential race after she collapsed at a Sunday morning 9/11 memorial and revealed a pneumonia diagnosis.

Trump’s appearance on the show, however, was scheduled before his challenger’s “medical episode,” from which she is currently recovering.

The show’s episode featuring Trump will air Thursday morning.

Featured Image via Steve Pope/ Getty Images.