Christiane Amanpour Delivers SCATHING Rebuke Of “Hillary’s Health’ Coverage (VIDEO)


CNN’s Christiane Amanpour has been with the network since 1983. She has been the chief international news correspondent covering everything from the Gulf War to Boko Haram and has won numerous awards for her CNN coverage of news events. Therefore, it was quite surprising that she went on the attack of news media coverage, which includes CNN as one of the very worst, of Hillary Clinton’s recent bout with pneumonia.

Since Sunday, Sept. 11, when the Democratic presidential nominee was forced to leave a memorial service as she succumbed to dehydration and exhaustion for doing what women often do — working her body into collapse while ill — the news media went into a tailspin. Clinton’s moment of momentary weakness, her knees buckling slightly as she waited to climb into a van leaving the memorial, played out on continuous loops for the world to see and form endless speculations on what the illness might be.

Additionally, Clinton suffered endless criticism for having hid her diagnosis of pneumonia from the American public for an entire two days. After all, a temporary illness from which doctors say she will easily recover after antibiotic therapy should be international news and voters have a right to know if a single germ enters the body of a presidential candidate…especially a female one.

Amanpour delivered a scathing rebuke of the coverage, noting that Clinton is human, that humans get sick, and that many male presidents and presidential candidates have worked to hide illnesses in the past.

‘Imagine a world where you can’t slow down, you absolutely cannot, can’t get sick. This weekend after attending a 9/11 memorial in New York after more than a year of relentless campaigning, the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, fell ill and these pictures have boomeranged across the world. Several hours later the campaign revealed the former secretary of state had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. But surely this can’t be a case of a human being having an off day. Nope.

‘Like so many things Hillary, the media are having a field day, off to the races with another debilitating case of indignant outrage. This must be another typical Clinton conspiracy to fool them with total transparency breakdown. Talk about a transparency breakdown — what about Donald Trump’s tax returns? Where are they? Can’t a girl have a sick day or two? Don’t get me started because when it comes to overqualified women having to try 100 times harder than underqualified men to get a break or even a level playing field, well we know that story.’

Amanpour didn’t stop there. She laid out, in detail, the double standard that the first female candidate of a major political party is facing over something as simple as a temporary illness that many Americans face each year.

See the entire segment below:

Featured image via Getty/Dimitrios Kambouris