Hillary Storms Onto Twitter And Lists 20 SPECTACULAR Questions For Donald Trump (IMAGES)


Hillary Clinton might be getting over pneumonia, but that doesn’t mean she’s going easy on Donald Trump. On Wednesday, Newsweek released a story on Trump’s ties to foreign countries and criminal organizations. In response, Clinton took to Twitter and gave a list of 20 questions that the GOP nominee needs to answer before the election.

The third question is especially interesting considering Trump’s constant refusal to release his tax returns. It’s led to speculation that the GOP nominee might be hiding something, but most people assumed it was related to his level of wealth rather than ties to criminals or other dangerous organizations.

Trump has talked a lot about being tough on terrorism, but, as Clinton points out, he’s shown a willingness to do business with terrorists and dictators, so it is unclear how tough he would actually be.

Trump has, in fact, questioned the necessity of NATO and has even called the organization “obsolete.”

Trump’s ties to Putin have been well-documented and Clinton is right to question them. The American people deserve to know if their President will be looking out for their interests or the interests of his business partners.

Trump brags about his business success, but in this case such a success is a liability. If he truly has such connections, then Clinton is right to worry that he wouldn’t be able to act in the best interests of the United States. Trump has said that he won’t be beholden to any special interest groups, but what about his own business interests?

Trump is well-known for his ego and he’s shown signs that he is unable to control his temper when he comes under attack.

This is simply another reason why Trump needs to release his tax returns. If we had those returns then several of these questions would be answered. Then again, that might be why we don’t have them.

Eighteen might be the most important question on this list. Will a President Trump put the interests of the country above his own?

Trump is 70 years old. It would be rather hard for him to change such a pattern of behavior even if he wanted to.

So far, Trump has not replied to any of Clinton’s questions. Perhaps some of them will come up in presidential debates, assuming he’ll be even be there.

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